Travel Makeup

I love wearing makeup but sometimes a lot of palettes can be big and bulky for travelling. I really wanted to find a few items that I could take away with me when I am limited on space and I found three beautiful pieces. The two blushers and eye shadow here are so neat with their own brushes inside and this is such an added bonus as it saves extra packing of makeup brushes!

Vegetable ‘crumble’

I had a dish similar to this at a pub once and it was so yummy. So I wanted to recreate it at home. I remembered there was a paprika taste to it and so this was my main flavouring. I know what you must be thinking…. isn’t a crumble a dessert? Well technically yes, but I don’t see why we can’t eat it as a main dish too. Savoury flavours of course! I love the texture of this dish and I used almonds in my topping, along with some oats to give it an extra yummy taste.

Trying a Meal Subscription Box

Sometimes cooking dinner can get a little laborious. The ease of cooking dishes in your repertoire can seem repetitive and so that is where a recipe subscription box can give you some new and exciting ideas. For me, HelloFresh is such a great way of discovering new meals that I would not have thought of and the hassle of sourcing all the ingredients is taken away from me via delivery.