The Ups And Downs Of Working From …

Most of the time my working life is pretty varied. I work from home and I also work around London. I teach violin and I work on my blog and so my CV is pretty ‘pic n mix’ but I love it. I used to work in accounts but since then I have changed from an office job “9-5” to a flexible way of working. But what is it like to be self-employed? Is it better for you? I thought I’d share the pros and cons of being self-employed with my experience of both worlds…

Outfit Post … Snuggly Vibes

With the weather still quite wintery, I wanted to celebrate the recent purchase of my gorgeous Jack Wills Ariana Faux Fur Headband. Can we all take a moment to appreciate it’s sheer beauty and cosy purpose. I’ve seen people wearing headbands recently and love this look. I was so delighted when I grabbed this little gem in the recent sales. I’m calling this outfit post “snuggly vibes” because that is exactly how I felt in it. It was a chilly wintery weekend and me and my boyfriend took a nice outing for brunch. I wanted to dress casual and add a few neutral accessories to my outfit…..

Trying Out My Beauty #2

For those of you that read my blog, you will remember me writing a Trying Out My Miniatures #1. It seemed to go done well and I really enjoyed doing it. I discovered some little gems tucked away in my beauty box and it made me appreciate things I actually own and hence I spent less on beauty! So, I have decided to bring it back in February but this time call it trying out my “beauty”… as they ain’t all miniatures!

The Matcha Latte

Matcha latte …. have you tried it? I only discovered this drink about a year or so ago but I have fallen in love with this bright coloured green beverage. It can be made with a range of milks and can come presented with a glorious latte foam top. So what is it?

Date Night Reinvented

These days so many of us are swapping that date night out for a leisurely date breakfast or brunch. With budgeting of time and money so common during the week amongst us millennials, the weekend is where we can enjoy a lazy start and a relaxed morning. For me, breakfast out is one of my favourite things to do, followed by a calming walk outside. I think breakfast can be such an exciting meal too with both hot, cold, sweet and savoury options. Breakfast out can be so deluxe too and what a great way to start the day than fuelling up on delicious and nourishing choices.