Most Worn Lipsticks

It’s been a while since I did a makeup blog post and so I thought it would be interesting to share with you my Most Worn Lipsticks. I just know when I pick one of these up I can rely on them. These are my most dependable, go to lip products and here’s why…

My Makeup Essentials

I often post on here which products I have used for a makeup look or which products I have been loving in a particular month. Yet, I never really talk about my makeup staples! By staples I mean products I really love and things that I would be sad to live without. I’ve hand-picked 5 items from my everyday makeup bag that I think you should investigate…

Healthy Snacks Haul

For those of you that recognise my monthly SourcedBox reviews, you may know that I love discovering new healthy snacks to eat. I prefer to find things that contain natural ingredients and ones that aren’t packed full of unhealthy refined sugars. I just find these foods make me feel better, are just as yummy and give me more energy throughout the day. We were running low on snacks and whilst I sometimes make my own I fancied doing a mini “SourcedBox” of my own. Me and my boyfriend discovered this healthy shop called As Nature Intended and we found some great things to try.

Trying Out My Beauty #3

If you follow my blog you would have seen me post a few “trying out my beauty” posts. I didn’t do one last month but I really missed it so I decided to find some more gems in my beauty stash to try in April. I love hoarding beauty products and forget what I have in my treasure box but these posts make me venture into the unknown and make me discover some great products! I totally recommend this if you are trying to save a bit of money and half the time you have some great products you had forgotten about anyway!