What I Eat In A Day 2

It’s time for another “What I eat in a day” post and this time it’s a bit different as I went out for lunch so you can see what I eat when I’m with friends. I hope you enjoy this post! I always love being nosey and seeing what people eat. It also gives me ideas for snacks and meals. You can see my first one of these blogs here to see what I ate on a typical day whilst at home and out violin teaching. For now, let’s get back to this one!

Instagram… Life Behind The Lens

When we look at an Instagram snap we immediately see all the good in someone else’s presented life. The truth is it’s not all that rosy. Behind your favourite Instagrammer are problems similar to your own but they just don’t choose to share that with you… so it all looks perfect. Life behind the lens can be very different. People quite rightly want to present their life in a positive light. Even the top bloggers have things going on in their lives.

I Love Neutrals…. Outfit Post

It’s been a while since I did my last outfit post. Since my Spring Vibes outfit post, life and and other blogging shenanigans have got in the way. I feel like all the Bank Holidays have made it hard to catch up each week too and with the lack of time on Mondays and lots of visits away at weekends, shooting outfit photos has become tricky. However… here is a little treat for you! I hope you like this neutral toned outfit. I love neutrals and wanted to celebrate them with this smart but casual look.

Trying Out My Beauty #4

I really love rummaging through my beauty stash and choosing some items to trial for the month. I really look forward to picking out some gems and get excited to use them. I often forget what great pieces I have hoarded recently and love to remind myself! Find out what treasures I am trying this month…