My Tips On A Healthy Diet

I like to think I have a fairly balanced diet. It is by no means perfect but I do try to think about what I am eating and make a conscious effort with my choices. I thought I would write a few tips about healthy food and where to start with it all if you are feeling a little overwhelmed. Even if you are doing a few of these things each day to improve, that is a positive!

A Week Of Autumnal Lipsticks

I finally unpacked my full makeup collection since moving home and this included my beautiful lipsticks… My Most Worn Lipsticks blog post went down pretty well and so I thought I would write an Autumnal lipstick post. I have been lazy in terms of wearing a lip colour of late and I wanted this post to be a celebration of lipsticks. I chose one for each day of the week to feel more Autumnal and more motivated with my makeup. Here are my Autumnal picks….

Brunch Diaries Blåbär

Blåbär is a little treasure I have just discovered in South West London. It’s ethos promotes Nordic living full of style and a calm environment. The perfect mix of balance between luxury and affordability is the heart of this café. There is also a focus on sustainability in the products that Blåbär sells which is wonderful. The slower pace of life when you enter is perfect for a weekend brunch.

Trying Out My Beauty #7

I haven’t written one of these blog posts in a while but I’ve really missed doing them and so I thought I would write one for October! I haven’t been able to get to most of my beauty in ages because it was in bags from moving home. But, now we have got some more storage available, I have been able to rescue it! I have picked some products out to try this month that I had saved for a rainy day. I love choosing some trial products out each month and I have so many miniatures that I packed during the move… It makes me realise how I should use things and enjoy them rather than keeping them for a special occasion.