A visit to the Tickled Pig…….

tickled pig

So I decided to go for lunch with my two friends. Located in Wimborne, Dorset is the Tickled Pig. Its friendly and relaxed atmosphere was perfect for our lunch. The staff are amazing; they even bring the dessert menu along with the main if you ask…..just so you can plan out your menu!

The idea is that all ingredients are locally sourced from Dorset and the menus are changed every month to give that variety and excitement. The place is even Michelin recommended! The focus is on British food that has been given an innovative twist.

On the menu

When we went, it was June 2015. We were very excited by the menu as there were lots of goodies to choose from.

I opted for the smoked duck breast, orange and Dukkah salad. It was so tender and elegant. I prefer lighter meals at lunch and this was perfect as I had the starter portion size. It was something unusual too and it is always nice to have something different when eating out. I do not often cook duck and so I like to choose things I would not normally make at home.

Duck, orange and dukkah salad

One of my friends had the hot smoked brisket, spicy slaw and smashed new potatoes. She said it was delicious. She does not eat coleslaw but they changed it to salad for her. The fact that they altered her meal showed kindness.

My other friend had homemade tagliatelle, roasted beetroot, nettle butter and pumpkin seeds. You can see from the photo below how yummy it looked!

Homemade tagliatelle, roasted beetroot, nettle butter and pumpkin seeds

For dessert, there were too many to choose from! But in the end two of us had the pomegranate parfait, honeycomb and pomegranate molasses. It was one of my finest decisions in life. It was outstanding! I had never tried molasses before and it worked really well to cut through the sweetness of the honeycomb. Molasses is a treacle-like substance. It was one of the best desserts I have had and I have eaten at many quality places!

Pommegranate parfait

My other friend had the elderflower panna cotta with berries and pistachio biscotti. She too enjoyed her dessert and the presentation was cute and stylish. A panna cotta is a set cream. She said the elderflower was nice and refreshing in it.

Elderflower pannacotta with pitaschio biscotti

One thing to note is how reasonable a meal at the Tickled Pig is. It only costs £9.00+ for a main meal here. I think that is amazing considering the quality and unique experience. I would definitely recommend!

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