About Me

The Story Behind Sophie Laetitia

Welcome to my blog Sophie Laetitia…

I started this blog during 2015 after working as an ecommerce intern at Biscuiteers (a hand-iced boutique biscuit company). It was a career change from the accountancy career I was working towards. I enjoyed my work so much that my blog began….. I have also had marketing experience at the amazing Bloom & Wild and found social media to be my creative outlet. I have never looked back!


How do you pronounce my blog name?

So it’s not obvious? Haha well Sophie is pretty easy. Laetitia is not as easy… It’s pronounced “Letish – sha”. I hope this helps…

What is the blog about?

I used to blog about food only but I have since explored other topics such as fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I feel like my blog has more identity now and I love blogging about subjects I am excited about! I particularly like doing the odd outfit post….


What camera do I use?

I use an Olympus Pen E-PL8 with a 14-42mm lens. I also use my iPhone for the occasional Instagram snap! I used to only photograph on my phone but now I own my Olympus Pen I can’t part with it!

What do I like to do when I am not blogging?

When I’m not blogging I’ll probably be playing my violin. I have a diploma and I also teach it so my life is very musical! I also dabble on the piano a little but I am not as talented in that department. I can also be found watching the occasional frequent YouTube video…  Friends, family, food and drink is my motto (a stolen saying from my boyfriend).

Where am I from?

I live in London… it’s quite busy! I’m originally from Dorset. Although I miss the countryside I love the adventures of city life and wouldn’t swap it at this point in time.

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