Bluebird Chelsea

So I have been fortunate enough to start an internship in Chelsea, London. I like to pretend I live there when I go to work and walk down the beautiful streets. One of my favourite places on King’s Road Chelsea is the Bluebird Bar and Restaurant. The best thing about the place is the décor and lights. The general atmosphere is also so relaxed. It used to be an art deco garage built for a motor company would you believe! It is also grade II listed building and was designed by architect Robert Sharp.

Afternoon tea image framed

I love the bar area as this is more chilled and relaxing. There is also a restaurant and even a food store! I have been at least three times in my existence. I have enjoyed the afternoon tea with a friend. One of the most refined I have had and a bit quirkier with not the usual sandwiches. Instead it included mini pizza bites and elegant chocolate inspired desserts.

I have also enjoyed a cocktail….or two there! I must recommend the Bluebird Brûlée cocktail which contains chocolate vodka, crème brûlée syrup, gold Mozart chocolate, fresh cream, butterscotch schnapps, and pineapple juice. The presentation was outstanding too as it came in a coconut shell and included a chocolate cup as a topping! One to satisfy the sweet tooth and it is not as rich as it sounds; it is actually quite refreshing. I also like the Made in Chelsea cocktail with its strawberry and lemon grass flavours. It is served in a tin cup. Mmmmm.

I have also dined for an evening meal (as a birthday treat). The fish is lovely there. Try the Orkney scallop starter with chorizo, praline, apple and cauliflower. The praline really works!

Cocktails framed

Check out Bluebird if you have not already.

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