Seasonal sprout gnocchi

People may be reading this and thinking why sprouts when Christmas is well and truly in the past? I love sprouts and I think they are really underrated. I think they get a bad name because they are often over cooked and then end up tasting so bitter. If cooked right though they are so delicious! They are in season at the moment so make the most of it! You can make so much from them and you can cook them other ways to just roasting them.

This recipe is a tasty gnocchi dish with creamy blue cheese and crispy fried potato dumplings (gnocchi). I hope you enjoy it. I really love it!

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Recipe (serves 2)

300g sprouts

250g gnocchi

50g Serrano ham teared into strips

100g cream cheese

50g blue cheese (Shropshire blue is really tasty)

2 cloves of garlic


Large frying pan


  • Cook the gnocchi in boiling water. This will only take a few minutes and they will float up to the surface when ready.
  • Fry the cooked gnocchi in avocado oil until crispy. Set aside on a plate.
  • Peel the sprouts and wash them. Cut them in half and fry them in the same pan until golden.
  • Add the ham and garlic and the gnocchi again. Fry for a few minutes.
  • Melt in the cheese and coat all the ingredients in the pan.
  • Serve on two plates. Serve with a salad if you want more veg.

Enjoy! I hope you like this recipe as much as me!

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