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I’ve recently got into looking at foods which contain a little less sugar and thinking more carefully about the snacks I have during the day, so that I can get the energy boost without that energy crash afterwards. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to cut out unhealthy foods altogether but just eat less of them. I still love baking!! I’d love to eat more vegetarian meals during the week also and eat less meat, although I generally do anyway. To be honest, I eat quite a balanced diet already but do rely on a snack to get me through the afternoons.


I recently discovered a shop called Planet Organic. If you have never heard of this shop, you have to check it out. They only have shops in London but they do deliver. They have so many organic, raw, unprocessed, non dairy foods. It just is so good there! I picked up some goodies on my visit, so I thought I would tell you about them.


Kallo Thick Unsalted Rice Cakes


Rice cakes are such a great snack with far less calories than crisps or bread. I love drizzling honey or dark chocolate on them, or even pieces of banana. I’m quite interested to try them with almond butter or the Biona Organic CocoBella spread I picked up.

These ones have less than 3% fat per slice and are gluten free. I picked up the unsalted ones.

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Biona Organic CocoBella 

I have already tried this in a smoothie – so good! I think I put in banana, a date, some of the Biona Organic CocoBella and some milk. The Biona CocoBella contains coconut oil, flesh and syrup to sweeten the cacao powder. Cacao is the form of cocoa before heating and so it is far healthier for you because you get all the nutrients still. This spread is so yummy and does not contain refined sugars. Definitely recommend this!

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Medjool dates    

Medjool dates are the nicest dates in my opinion. They are plump and once called the “Fruit of Kings”. They are a perfect natural sweetener as they are rich and luxurious. They are great in smoothies or baking recipes. Perfect as a snack on their own or with a cheeky coffee. They have many health benefits such as being fantastic for fibre, potassium, and magnesium. I have also read that they provide twice the amount of energy as a banana (when eating equal weights)! The only thing to be careful of is the stone in the middle though so make sure you take it out before adding it to a blender for example!

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Ombar Buttons Raw 72% Cacao 

I am obsessed with these already! Ombar buttons just taste like normal chocolate buttons but they are much healthier! This treat is guilt free with raw cacao and sweetened with coconut. Don’t worry, you can’t really taste the coconut if you dislike that flavour. If you are a vegan you can enjoy these as they are also dairy free!

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Bounce Apple & Cinnamon Protein Punch Energy Ball 

I thought this looked interesting. I haven’t tried it yet but will let you know if I like it! It sounded amazing with cashews, antioxidants and heart-healthy fats. I also love cinnamon so I’m hoping the cinnamon will be strong in it. It is sweetened by natural sugars again such as agave syrup. Have you tried these?

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Pulsin orange choc chip protein snack

Protein is a great post gym energy snack and these contain natural proteins to give you slow energy release without the crash. I thought this sounded perfect. I also loved the sound of chocolate chips in them. The GI is also low and so it is a great healthy snack.

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Pulsin vanilla choc chip protein snack

This is similar to the other Pulsin bar. It contains almonds too and cashew butter which are also great for you. I must admit, I tried one and was not fussed too much by the taste but it might be because I’m not a massive cashew butter person. I might stick with more almond and coconut based products. If you like cashew butter though, this is for you!

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Planet Organic Raw CHIAMP Bar Almond Butter & Choc Chip

This raw almond and chocolate chip bar looked so good. I just had to try it. I will let you know if I like it. Again it does contain cashew nuts but it also has gorgeous dates and almond butter in. Natural sweeteners and protein make this snack a healthy reach for the day time.

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Kallo milk choc rice cakes

Again this is another rice cake option. I loved the look of these with the Belgian milk chocolate on top. A light snack for the day time. It does contain dairy and sugar but is much better for you than a whole chocolate bar!

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