May SourcedBox review

I am loving healthy snacks at the moment and if you like them too you need to try SourcedBox! SourcedBox is a monthly subscription box full of healthy yet delicious snacks. It was set up by Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart who are YouTubers I enjoy watching vlogs of. You get about 10 items in each box and the surprise of waiting for what new products you are going to be introduced to is so exciting! I was a bit sceptical at first that “healthy” snacks wouldn’t taste as good but I was wrong! I’m not going to lie and say I enjoyed all of the products, I didn’t. But people have different tastes and some things were just down to personal preference. However, I enjoyed over 70% of items and there are a few new ideas there for me to repurchase for when I need a snack boast. I am already looking forward to the June box!


Here are my thoughts on my first SourcedBox…..


Matcha Green Tea Drink (Apple flavoured) – Tegpigs

I have never been a big fan of green tea which is a shame because it has so many health benefits. I suffer from anxiety and sometimes need that energy boast so I naturally reach for the coffee. But when I don’t drink caffeine I feel miles better. Matcha green tea gives you that energy boast but without the shakes of coffee! Matcha green tea is super concentrated green tea and so it is so much better than normal green tea. It has tonnes of antioxidants and nutrients and gives you that energy boast you need. It has been drank by Buddhist monks for over 900 years! I was full of beans when I drank mine which was great on a Friday morning! Now for the taste….this drink is apple flavoured and so tastes like a cross between an iced tea and an apple juice. Love this product and I will definitely be purchasing this again! My green tea phobia is over!


Lime and chia truffles – Sweet Virtues

I was really excited about this one. I love everything about Sweet Virtues. Their branding, ideas and focus. They focus on natural products but make them luxurious to eat and exciting. I am really wanting to try their Chocolate Nut Butter which contains almonds, cacao powder, coconut and chia flavours. However, I was a little disappointed with the taste of these truffles. I didn’t like the flavour combination of lime and chia. I love those things separately but together didn’t go down too well with me. I was miffed about this as I love Sweet Virtues. I do think though that if I tried the other truffle flavours I would love them and am willing to give them another chance. The other two truffle flavours in their range are Baobab and Vanilla, and Maqui Berry.


Salted Plantain Crisps – Chika’s

These were so yummy. I love banana chips and had never tried plantain before. These I will definitely buy again as they were just right up my street. They are also easy to slip in your handbag for that emergency “I need a pick me up” moment in the day.


Green TNT Bar – Dynabites

I wasn’t a big fan of this. Probably because I could taste the green tea but also the fact that I found it a little dry. Each to their own though. I have heard people loving these so it is really a personal preference.


Coconut Chips – Coconut Merchant

These are my FAVOURITE item in the box. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with the flavour of the sweet coconut in every bite. They were so moreish and definitely something I am going to repurchase. They sell them in Holland & Barrett so I will check that out. Seeing the reviews on Holland & Barrett gives you the perfect idea of how great they are. I shared the packet with my boyfriend but you could easily eat it yourself, or split it over a few days.


Smashing Strawberry Snack Pack – Urban Fruit

I love Urban Fruit and the best thing about them is the fact they are in supermarkets which makes the brand really accessible to the public. These little bites are 100% fruit and nothing more. They are gently baked. I loved these and another repurchase will have to be made.


Cranky Cocoa Bar – Hangry Food Co.

I loved the thought of these – cocoa nibs, dates, almonds, oats, cashews and sunflower seeds rolled into a bar. But I just didn’t like it. However, if you love these flavours together you will like them. It is just something I have learnt from trying different healthy snack bars that I am not a big fan of cashews in bars. I love them on their own so this is weird but there is just something about it I don’t like… It is just down to personal preference.


Tomato and Oregano Kale Crips – Leafy

I wasn’t sure I was going to like these but I found them so tasty and flavoursome. Definitely going to get these again. They reminded me of a pizza with oregano and tomato flavours. So healthy for you too! I could see these being a really get alternative to crisps when providing bites and nibbles for friends. My boyfriend likes crisps and he loved these!


Cocoa-Loco Fruit Bites – Holland & Barrett

So yummy. These are literally so cute and taste amazing! Well done SourcedBox! The little bits of cocoa nib in them were great for varying the texture and the orange flavour was so zingy. It felt like I wasn’t eating a healthy snack at all and that I was having a treat. Another repurchase.


Whole Chia Seeds – Chia Bia

Chia seeds have become really popular lately and they are great for sprinkling on smoothie bowls, desserts and porridge. You can also put them in baked items such as flapjacks and make chia pudding out of them. I am excited to use these as I have enjoyed eating chia puddings before. I think it is really cool you get an “ingredient” item in the box of goodies and an excuse to have fun with healthy cooking. Let me know if you would like me to do a blog on what I make with my chia seeds!

Mango Bear Pure Fruit YoY o – Bear Nibbles

This one was not on the “menu” card that SourcedBox provided but I think they sneaked it in as a little bonus! And what a goody to find. You can get these in supermarkets and I really enjoyed mine. It is like a fruit wind up but made from 100% fruit and so is really healthy. Definitely another SourcedBox triumph! I also love mango and have a friend that would adore these as she is obsessed with mango too!



So that’s it! Overall I am so impressed with this box. I wasn’t expecting to like everything but the beauty of it is that you try things you would not have thought to buy yourself and then you discover some little gems to purchase in the future. I love SourcedBox and think it is such a great concept and something people will really enjoy. For only £18.95 a month I think this is a bargain, considering in the shops the products would not be much cheaper.


Get your SourcedBox here!


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