Make your own muesli


Muesli is one of those expensive cereals that is so easy to make at home! I love healthy brands of muesli but they can be pricey when on a budget. I decided to make my own healthy, no added sugar alternative and it tasted amazing! Really one to try and it has very few ingredients so you won’t need to get too many supplies in! You can make enough for a few portions or just make a big batch to munch on over a few weeks.


Recipe (serves 4-6 portions depending on your appetite)

  • 7g freeze dried strawberries (you can buy these in the baking section of your big supermarket)
  • 20g cocoa nibs (shops like Hotel Chocolat and Planet Organic sell these)
  • 250g oats
  • 100g sultanas



  • Just mix all the ingredients together and you have a ready to serve breakfast with your favourite milk!


You can experiment with what you like to eat. You can add any dried fruit, seeds, nuts and other interesting ideas you have. Muesli has never been more exciting I think! I remember when I was little and my uncle used to make his own muesli from things like bran flakes and dried fruit. Maybe I have the muesli bug from him! Let me know what you like to add and we can all share ideas of our ideal breakfast time.



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