SourcedBox Review June

Its back again….my review of SourcedBox. I wasn’t sure whether to do another review on this but the June box was just amazing that I couldn’t not write about it! If you are new to SourcedBox it is a monthly subscription of healthy snacks and includes lots of hidden treasures of brands that are carefully sourced for you to create some exciting snack alternatives. It was set up by Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart who are YouTubers. You get about 10 items in each box and the surprise of waiting for what new products you are going to be introduced to is so exciting!


Here are my thoughts on the June SourcedBox…..


Watermelon Water – What a Melon

I love watermelon and the thought of drinking the juice sounded so refreshing to me. I really liked this drink and could see it pairing really well with fresh mint and lime all over ice cubes! I’m not sure I could drink a whole bottle though as it is quite sweet after a while!


Mange Tout & Red Pepper Snack – Nothing But

The concept of freeze dried vegetables sounded amazing to me. The snack is also so light which is great for me and sometimes I am peckish but don’t want a full on snack that will spoil my dinner. They melt in the mouth. I do prefer fresh pepper and mange tout but when you haven’t had time to do a proper food shop, these are a great cupboard stand by.


Sour Cherry and Vanilla Bar – Pana Chocolate

Wow. This product is simply amazing. It is my top pick of the box and just melts in your mouth. The brand is Australian and the chocolate is made from 60% raw cacao which is packed full of more nutrients than cocoa which has been processed and heated. The cherry in it is just lovely! I have already purchased a second bar of it from Planet Organic already!


Spicy BBQ Coconut Jerky – MightyBee

I’m not sure whether I love this or am a bit confused by it. The texture is amazing and it is packed full of so much flavour. However, I’m not sure about coconut and BBQ together…..although I keep changing my mind. It is definitely something I would eat again though!


Raspberry Ripple – Squirrel Sisters

This product is a fruity bar which is so delicious – a definite thumbs up. It seemed to have the right balance between cashews and raspberries (I’m not a massive cashew nut fun in snack bars). The packaging is so cute too and it comes as 2 separate bars, so you can eat at your own pace.


Chilli Bites – Munchy Seeds

Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and apricot kernels are given a slight heat with chilli. I loved these as a pick me up in the afternoon. I am not normally a fan of seeds but the textures of the whole packet and the flavours were very moreish.


Apple, Blueberry & Banana Fruit Jerky – Snact

I really liked this. The jerky texture was lovely and chewy. It felt like eating sweets but in a healthy way. I love fruit so this is a great snack for me.


Cacao and Raspberry Bar – NOM

First of all, can we just appreciate the name of this – NOM, I love it! There was nothing to dislike about this and the flavour was good. The only thing I felt it was a little dry and so did not hold together as well as other bars I have eaten. Very tasty though…


Orange & Cashew Granola – Primrose’s Kitchen

I love the branding of this and the product is so fresh looking. I don’t normally venture into orange granolas but this has introduced me to some great flavours. I really love it and and think it is especially nice sprinkled over some vanilla yogurt….or even ice cream! The citrus taste reminded me of Christmas.


Maple Syrup Activated Almonds – Raw Ecstasy

These came a close second to my favourite item this month. They are incredible! The flavour is just so lovely and the texture of the crunchy almonds is very addictive. I really want to buy these again.


Get your SourcedBox here!


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