Sometimes life gets a bit on top of everyone and so I think it is really important to look after yourself and recognise when you need a bit of a break. I don’t know about you but I tend to do too much until I burn out and then I just suddenly crash. So it is important for me to recognise when my body is saying no and give myself a little pamper.


In the modern world we live in we are constantly busy with phones, laptops, social activities and lots of travelling. So make sure you at least set aside some time to yourself once a week to just pause and think. I get a bit overwhelmed when I don’t get any time to myself and it’s not because I don’t like being around people. Far from it. It’s just because I think ALL the time and so am constantly processing different scenarios and outcomes of every single minute of the day that it just gets a bit too much if I don’t have a few quiet moments. I guess it’s the same for everyone. Some people can cope with being more social than others but only you can know what you are truly like.


For me the perfect pamper routine is my bath night. I light one scented candle and lots of unscented tea lights to get that calming effect. That way, I have the atmosphere of candles without being overwhelmed by different contrasting scents.  I then lay out all my pamper products: facemask, body lotion (I have an amazing chocolate scented one), face cream, LUSH bath goodies like a bath bomb, bubble bath, nail varnish, foot cream… etc. Then I run my bath with all the candles in the bathroom. Before my bath I have my facemask. Whilst I have my bath I listen to my favourite music on my phone and sit and relax. Once the bath is done, I use my remaining pamper products to feel all moisturised and princess like. Then I move all the candles to the lounge and use them as my “light” whilst watching my “me” TV programmes. Perfect.


What I like might be different to you so it is really just finding your own pamper treat and building it into your week. It can be anything you love to do…..reading, drawing, painting, TV,  sport, playing an instrument….you choose! I hope this has inspired you to timetable that “me” time into your week!





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