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I feel like I’m building up my lipstick collection nicely and have I been enjoying using Korres lip butters and Tanya Burr lip glosses lately. I still think we can enjoy the occasional summer lip and will not stop using products because they are out of season. Don’t get me wrong, I love the change in makeup that the seasons provide and we are lucky that we experience a change in the UK. However, I feel my personal style and mood dictates what I wear on my face more. I love subtlety and girlyness so I feel I can justify still getting my wear out of these products during autumn and winter too!


Korres lip butters have been talked about by several bloggers and I felt I wanted to try them out. They are the perfect no fuss lip butter through the summer days when you want a bit of moisture but you don’t want a heavy lipstick on your face. I can see these being great in winter too, when chapped dry lips come out to get us! I chose the butters Pomegranate and Jasmine. Both are gorgeous and very moisturising. The colours are so beautiful for that added tinted look. The Jasmine one is a soft peach colour and the Pomegranate a deep fuschia. On a side note, has anyone ever tried to deseed a pomegranate! Quite messy! Just don’t wear white as the juice gets everywhere!

The only thing I would say about the lip butters is the fact that you have to apply the formula with your finger. You could use a lipstick brush but when you are out and about this is not practical. This doesn’t bother me too much but for a chuck in your handbag lip butter I would rather use my Clinique Chubby Sticks (review here). However, what I do LOVE about the lip butters is their scent and formula on the lips. They just smell so flippin great and sink into the lips so well. If you struggle from dry lips, this product could be for you.


Another couple of lip products I wanted to talk about are the Tanya Burr lip glosses I picked up from her most recent Soft Luxe range. The colours I bought were Puppy Paws and Rhubarb & Custard. First of all, how gorgeous are the names? I had heard great things about Tanya Burr lip glosses and I was not disappointed. The colour payoff is so great! I think it is up there with NYX lip butters for its long lasting durability. It just doesn’t budge! You do have to top it up occasionally but it will survive through eating and drinking and the colours are absolutely stunning. The scents of both are incredible! You will be licking your lips all day!

My absolute favourite is Rhubarb & Custard as it is not as bright as Puppy Paws. I’m sure I will be wearing Puppy Paws on a girly day however. I can imagine it really suiting fair toned skin and people with blonde hair a lot! Overall I am really pleased with these products and great value for the price. I always google for a sneaky discount code but even at full price they are worth the money! The packaging and applicator are also stunning. They definitely feel premium.



Wearing Rhubarb & Custard


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