Eat Smart Review

Eat Smart has just been released and I couldn’t wait to receive it in the post! I preordered it and it was definitely as good  as I thought it would be. If you haven’t heard of Eat Smart, it is written by Niomi Smart, a youtuber, blogger and plant-based eater. I love her “what I eat in a day” videos because although my diet is not plant based, it is really interesting to learn about some healthier ways of eating. That is why I bought the book. I love healthy food and am definitely a person that needs to snack throughout the day instead of 3 big meals. So I thought there may be some super tasty healthy snack recipes for me to try out in this book! I also love the look of the breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas in there.

I eat meat but not a lot of it and actually sometimes I prefer a vegetarian, pescetarian or vegan meal. I am one of these people where the vegetables are the tastiest part of a roast! I also love fruit and salads and so I think I generally eat fairly healthily. However, I also like baking and whilst I still will not stop baking, it is great to discover some healthy alternatives on an everyday basis to satisfy my sweet tooth!

I love the look of this book so much. There are so many yummy recipes such as Niomi’s Acai Bowl, Overnight Oats and various Porridge flavourings. I love the look of the sweet vegan bakes such as Chocolate Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Frosting….mmm. There are some really tasty soup recipes for winter, including Kale Minestrone. For dinner, I love the sound of the Beetroot Burgers and the Squashetti & Meatballs.

To me, eating healthily makes me feel so energised and alive. I love the thought of filling my body with lots of natural, unprocessed ingredients and foods that are also tasty. I am also interested into cutting back on sugar in my diet. The main reason I love to eat like this is the variety and flavour you get from a meal. I definitely will be incorporating more healthy recipes into my week. Perhaps saving unhealthy treats to the weekend is the way forward? I’m not sure I could go plant based because I love cheese too much but I definitely would love to try more recipes such as the ones in this book.

Overall, I thoroughly recommend this book. Not only is it a cookbook but it also has some lovely dialogue in the front section detailing advice such as tips on a healthy lifestyle, the importance of exercise, storecupboard essentials and properties of superfoods. It is more than just a recipe book!



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