September SourcedBox

If you are new to SourcedBox it is a monthly subscription of healthy snacks and includes lots of hidden treasures of brands that are carefully sourced for you to create some exciting snack alternatives. It was set up by Marcus Butler and Niomi Smart who are YouTubers. You get about 10 items in each box and the surprise of waiting for what new products you are going to be introduced to is so exciting! I love discovering new brands and this is perfect for that!

September SourcedBox was far the BEST SourcedBox I have tried and this is why….

Oat & Bilberry Cookies – The Beginnings

Oh my word, these are healthy? These cookies tasted amazing and I had never tried bilberry before but it was very sweet tasting. A bit like a cross between a blueberry and a cranberry? Bilberries look like blueberries but have higher vitamin C and E levels so that’s not a bad start! The biscuits are gluten free, have no added sugar and contain ingredients like oats, coconut, agave syrup, bilberries,  and cocoa butter. They were crumbly and crunchy all at the same time. A bit like a healthy hobnob! I would be happy to buy them again. Does anyone know where you can get them from though?

Salted Caramel Bliss Balls – Halo Wholefoods

These contained ingredients including medjool dates, cashews, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds. I was a bit worried about the cashew nuts in them as for some strange reason I don’t like them in a sweet bar but the balance was just right here. The maca powder helps to create the caramel flavour but I wouldn’t say it was overwhelming. However, it was very tasty and I am not normally a fan of protein balls but I actually liked these!

Berry The Rage Bar – Hangry Food Co.

It is rare for me to find a “healthy” snack bar that is actually healthy and tasty at the same time. This bar was delicious and the cranberries in it gave it a zingy taste. With other ingredients like almonds, dates, oats and sunflower seeds, this bar is free from sugar and packed with natural foods. Definitely added to the buy again list!

Green Raisin and Barberries Promix – Wyldsson

This nut, seed and fruit mix was very tasty. A good grazing food. However, it might be hard to eat in front of people or at work for instance. Depends on your eating skills…. Barberries are used a lot in Iranian cookery. They come from a large fruiting shrub and taste sour and a bit like a cranberry. The benefits include a rich source of vitamin C and barberries are thought to strengthen the heart and manage blood pressure.

Chocolate Halo Thins – Sweet Virtues

I was so excited by these chocolate halo thins by Sweet Virtues. This I felt was such great value to have amongst the SourcedBox items as they normally cost around £4 and so it was a nice treat. I was a little disappointed with the last Sweet Virtues truffles we received in a previous SourcedBox but I think it was the flavour combination of that particular type that I didn’t like. These halo thins however were melt in the mouth and perfect for a sneaky dessert after dinner. They contain no refined sugar and are flavoured with coconut instead to sweeten them. The added flavour of Yerba Mate & Lemon also complimented the rich taste of the dark chocolate. I also recommend putting them in the fridge as they have a nice bite to them from that!

Banana Crisps – Emily Fruit Crisps

So pleased with these! I was a bit dubious that these could compete with banana chips I have tried before but these were outstanding! The process of picking the banana so it is at its sweetest is genius and create a superior taste. The crisps are also so crunchy. You can source them at places like Holland & Barrett and Ocado so I am happy!

Rhubarb and Ginger Tea – Teapigs

This tea was quite convenient as I had a cold during the week the SourcedBox goodies arrived. To me, sitting down with a rhubarb and ginger tea sounded perfect. The flavours were spot on and I felt like the tea was energising me and doing me good.

Quinoa Sprinkles – Louola’s Superfood

These quinoa sprinkles were cute and tasted lovely on yogurt. I could also see them being great toppers for frozen yogurt or chocolate mousse. The flavour I received was Chia, Cacao & Goji Berry. This combination was lovely and I would definitely try it again. Quinoa is such a good replacement from wheat if you are intolerant to that, or just want a lighter alternative.

Bilberry & Lingonberry Birch Water – Tapped

This drink was so delicious and a nice alternative to squash if you don’t like water. The bilberries and lingonberries gave a nice colour and sweet taste to the drink. Definitely refreshing and I felt the packaging was really cute and premium looking. Birch water comes from the beautiful birch tree. It is also a natural source of the antioxidant manganese.

Wild Orange Bar – Pana Chocolate

I love Pana Chocolate soooo much. If you haven’t already tried this brand you really have to. They sell all sorts of flavours and are sold in shops like Planet Organic. The ingredients are all natural and the chocolate is just melt in the mouth. They use coconut flavouring to act as a sweetener which I think is great. The more we can cut back on refined sugar the better! The flavour of the wild orange was so delicious in this bar. Unfortunately I can’t find this flavour sold online. Maybe it was a special promotion for SourcedBox? However, the other flavours are great and there is a Fig and Wild Orange bar so that probably tastes equally special!

Coconut Oil – Cocofina

To promote Niomi Smart’s new book Eat Smart, SourcedBox included a cute recipe card of one of her creations and this coconut oil to get you started with it! I thought this was a great idea. I wrote a review on her book here. The book includes so many tasty and nutritious meals that will just make you feel glowing and energised. I think coconut oil is such a great ingredient. It is great for the skin and hair. It is also a natural saturated fat which is is also thought to lower the risk of heart disease. It helps to convert “bad” cholesterol into “good” cholesterol.

As you can see, I liked EVERYTHING out of this SourcedBox. I think that was because most products were sweet tasting and the inclusion of chocolate was definitely appreciated! Thanks SourcedBox!



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