Winter Candles

I love cosy evenings snuggling up in front of the TV or with a book…. hot chocolate in hand of course…. A winter candle is also so indulgent and the scent of gingerbread and Christmas spices can be heaven after a hectic day. I have chosen 4 dreamy candles to share with you today, all at affordable prices. I would love to buy a super high-end candle but my budget cannot justify that, so I found some really great mid-range ones to satisfy my pamper craving! I’m really pleased with them and they give off gentle but satisfying aromas which are perfect for Christmas!


Wax Lyrical Gingerbread Candle Jar

At just over £10 this generous medium sized jar will last you several sessions of warm gingerbread scent! The glass jar is so smart and can be reused after for makeup brushes or keeping tiny plants in. I was a bit worried that the scent would be too overpowering but it is actually quite gentle and really does create a warm aroma throughout the room. I would definitely recommend this candle and you can’t go wrong with a classic scent such as gingerbread! It just smells like Christmas in a jar!


Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Wick Candle – 3 Piece Wick

This candle was around the £15 mark but I think it is worth every penny. If you are one to not like scented candles too much but want a fresh yet warm and comforting background scent, then this is for you! The sweet mandarin is just so light yet satisfying and its subtly helps the room freshen up without overwhelming you and your guests. A definite party pleaser! The orange scents are perfect for Christmas time without feeling too overpowering.


Yankee Candle Small Jar Candle – Fireside Treats

I couldn’t do a candle review without a Yankee Candle! This is by far my favourite of the bunch! You just can’t get better than Yankee Candle on a budget in my opinion. This candle smells incredible too – it is exactly what it says on the jar “Fireside Treats”. Roasted marshmallows and camp fires is just such a divine smell. It is also not too Christmassy for those that hate spices and sickly scents! Definitely one to check out.


Lily-Flame Fairy Dust Tin, Pink

Last but not least, I had to buy this “Fairy Dust” Candle. How cute is the name? I just love the thought of having a magical scent and indulging in the charms of winter. The scent is hard to describe but it’s very floral and girly. The tin is so cute and beautiful with its soft mystical vibe. What’s more exciting is the fact that I will giving ONE of these away in a future giveaway. So keep your eyes peeled for this! Make sure you subscribe for updates on this as it will go fast! This is the perfect thing to win and burn during the build up to Christmas for the fairy tale holiday season!

What are your favourite Christmas candles on a mid-range budget? Are there any candles you buy every year? I’d love to hear in the comments on suggestions for candles I haven’t discovered yet!



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