Festive Wrapping

I have had to learn to elevate my wrapping through ornaments, bows and ribbons to make them a little more special. My actual wrapping skills are a little messy haha but I feel this can be disguised very well through decoration! Taking that extra care to put that ribbon on or tie that bow can make it look like you have put a lot more thought and care into your wrapping. It also helps make a more affordable present look more expensive – tricks for those on a budget!

I have put together a few wrapping ideas for you to take some inspiration from or just adapt yourselves. I feel like anyone could do these ideas and it doesn’t take too much time or money!


I love elevating a present with a glossy ribbon. You can pick up ribbon from food stores or department stores. I got mine from Tiger (a great stationery shop in London). After wrapping the ribbon around the present and tying it in a bow, I cut the ends of the ribbon to make ‘V’ shapes. This just makes it look extra elegant.

I also had a go at a ribbon bow by overlapping the ribbon to form a flower shape. I think this looks really cute with the stick on bow as well!



I LOVE red and white bakers twine at Christmas as it is festive all over! You can get it from so many shops but I got mine on Amazon for less than £2! Putting some twine around your presents makes it look so Christmassy and the colours are so traditional.

I also love using brown string as this creates a more rustic look. I do bows with the string too but I also had a go at wrapping several bands of brown string around the presents to make them look more embellished. You can create as many designs as you want!



If in doubt use a sticky bow. They are the easiest way to make a present instantly glamourous and they are really cute. I like using them straight on the gift wrap but I also had a go at sticking strands of string underneath some for one present. I love how festive it looks!



This year I had a go at threading a few mini baubles through the string on my presents and I think they look adorable! Such a cute embellishment and not that hard to attach on. The receiver can also use them as a Christmas decoration next Christmas.


Candy canes…

Candy canes are SUCH a cute addition to a present. I attached them to some of the bows around my presents and I think they look really great. The present receiver can also have it as an extra present!


Gift tags…

Finally a present can’t be complete without a gift tag. I found some cute Christmas tree gift tags from Tiger but I also had fun attaching my own homemade ones! Check out my blog on homemade gift tags to see the creations here.


I hope this has given you a few ideas for any wrapping left to do! What tricks have you got for wrapping?



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