How To Survive Highlights

Have you ever had your hair dyed or highlighted? If you have, you will know it takes a long time and if you are having a cut as well, you are often in the hairdressers for up to 7 hours! I’ve come up with some survival tips to prevent that exhausted and drained feel after!

If you are like me, then you will find eating regularly is important for keeping your energy reserves up. It is often difficult to eat whilst at the salon and I often forget to do so. This time when I had my highlights redone I went prepared with various options to keep me going and if I didn’t eat them during I ate them after the appointment on the train home!


1… Smoothies and Milkshakes

I don’t know about you but I find it so much easier to drink when out and about as opposed to eating. It is less messy, much easier and this can be done without moving too much when the hairdresser needs you to keep your head in the same place for a while. I thoroughly recommend milkshakes and smoothies as they keep you hydrated but also give you energy and act like a meal to deal with those hunger moments. I made myself a cacao and coconut milkshake and it was delicious. Recipe below via this gorgeous blog post. I wanted to drink a milkshake without refined sugars and so that’s why I made my own. It worked a treat and kept me full so I didn’t need to eat my snacks until after the hair appointment.


2…. Water

This goes without saying but water is essential throughout the day. It can be hard to go to the toilet at the hairdressers but don’t be afraid to ask to! Drinking water and keeping hydrated is far more important. They wouldn’t want you going faint. I tend to drink more water later on into the appointment though!


3… Snacks

It is often easy to make unhealthy snacks that will make you irritable and lethargic. This time I made some protein balls from my Eat Smart book. The coconut and lemon balls were delicious and really great at boosting my energy. I cannot recommend this cook book by Niomi Smart more for some healthy snack alternatives!

I also packed with me some cheese – excellent source of protein and energy!

Finally, my emergency Freddo went into my bag just in case I needed a little sugar energy spurt. I always carry an emergency Freddo in my handbag just in case I need some instant fuel. I know it is sugar but it is all about the balance and I find a Freddo is just the right size to keep me going until I get home.


4… Take a book and magazine

Enjoy the time you have to sit there and take this opportunity to relax whilst reading a book. I often don’t get time to do much reading but it is nice to get absorbed in a book as the time goes quicker! A magazine is also great when you just want to flick through something but don’t want to concentrate too hard.


5… Notebooks

Use the time to think about what’s on your mind and write your to do lists out so you can get organised. Make notes of future projects or your ambitions so you can achieve them. This is the perfect time away from a computer to get all those thoughts clogging up brain space on paper and feel more at ease!


6… Pamper products

Hand cream is such a lovely thing but I often forget to apply it. Use the hairdressers as a time to have a mini pamper session and get that favourite hand cream out! Give your hands a treat as well as your hair!

8I hope you collected some tips from this blog post. I will definitely be following my rituals next time I get a colour done! Thanks for reading…



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