February Favourites

February has flown past hasn’t it? I can’t believe I’m already writing this favourites post! For me, February has been about finding some yummy comfort food and indulging in some beauty classics. I have discovered so many lovely products too! I don’t mind the cold weather and I love being at home pampering myself!



Food Thoughts Roasted Cacao Nibs

Let’s start with something tasty! For those of you that have followed my blog for a while will know that I love raw cacao and these cacao nibs are no exception. I love this brand in particular because the cacao nibs are a little chunkier and so create a great texture! They have been gently roasted to retain important nutrients such as magnesium, calcium and iron. I love eating them in granola, muesli, on top of porridge or even on rice pudding. The list is endless! You can get that chocolate craving without the sugar and they are so delicious!


Jumbo Oats

I only thought there was one type of oat but I was wrong! Roll in the jumbo oats! I heard about these from a YouTube video by Madeleine Shaw and thought I would give them a go. I am totally obsessed! I have been using half porridge oats and half jumbo oats in my porridge and muesli. It gives a little more texture and is so yummy. You have to try this!


Clearspring Matcha Powder

For those of you that read my blog will not be surprised to hear that I have been obsessed with matcha lattes this winter. Read my blog all about them here. This matcha powder I have found to be really great (and also a little cheaper than the other brands…).



Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Hand Balm

My hands have been in a dire start the last few weeks. I have eczema on my hands and get really dry and cracked skin. I really need to use a reliable hand cream when they get bad. I have found the Rituals one to be so so good. It’s rich, soothing, pampering, smells luxurious and isn’t greasy on my skin. It doesn’t take ages to become absorbed either which is a huge plus for my on the go lifestyle.


Rosie For Autograph Lip Glossy in Super Model Smile

I mentioned I would be trying out some products in February (see my post here) and I have found some gems from that. This Rosie Lip Glossy is super comforting on my lips, gives a lovely colour pay off and feels so lovely to apply. I also love the rose gold packaging! Rosie for autograph do some great things so check the brand out if you haven’t already!


Balance Me Collagen Boost Flash Cleanse Micellar Water 

Another February beauty trial has become a success as this collagen boost micellar water is a really calming and soothing way to take off my makeup. I love the pump – so satisfying that is the same size as a cotton pad! Love this! And it is an extra bonus to have the collagen boost!


Collistar Rossetto Art Design Lipstick in 2 Nudo

This Collistar lipstick is by far one of the best lip sticks I’ve ever tried. I wore it to dinner one evening and it lasted well in between eating, whilst giving my lips the nourishment they needed. I did reapply a few times throughout the evening but my lips never looked as if they were streaky or in great need of a top up. The colour fade was very natural. I loved the pigmentation of the lipstick and it gave a super high quality finish. The packaging is also stunningly beautiful. For my first time trying this brand I am so impressed!


L’OCCITANE Shea Ultra Rich Comforting Face Cream

I have been using L’OCCITANE face creams for a while now but until late I had stuck to their Light Comforting Face Cream. Whilst I still love using this to start my day, I have found I have needed a richer moisturiser at night time. The winter time is when I need a bit more nourishment and I really do rate this face cream so highly! It feels super luxurious on my skin. I feel thoroughly pamper every time I used it. Skincare routines are such an enjoyable time of the day for me!


Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask

I had a few mini Liz Earle beauty products. Amongst them was this beautiful face mask. I have sensitive and dry skin and so have really found this to help it. It also helps reduce any possible pescky breakouts. I have been applying this every week and it makes my skin feel so silky afterwards.


Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm

Another new beauty product to try throughout February. I went away recently and wore quite a bit of makeup in the evening. With that in mind, I decided to give my face a thorough cleanse! I must admit, I’m still not keen on using a balm to remove my eye makeup as I’m scared I’ll get too much water in my eyes. However, this did remove my makeup beautifully. I had a pesky blemish and after my thorough cleanse that evening it was almost gone by the morning. Pure fluke or maybe because my face had so much nourishment and cleansing that evening! I can see why this is a cult product and would not have any hesitation in recommending this to anyone!


I hope you have had a lovely February and have enjoyed my favourites! Hopefully you have discovered some lovely items here!

What have you been enjoying during February?




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