February SourcedBox

February SourcedBox has been a mixed bag. I liked the majority of products and some I wasn’t as overwhelmed with as others. Overall, there were some real gems in there and I’ve yet again discovered some new and exciting brands to haul my healthy shop from! SourcedBox is a healthy snack subscription and you receive about 10 items each month. I think the idea is so great for us busy millennials like! I get so excited to see what arrives each month and because I love snacking this is perfect for me and my boyfriend to share.

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So, what was in February’s box? It had quite a Valentine’s theme running through it but it wasn’t too overwhelming with hearts and roses if you don’t like that sort of thing! Here’s my honest opinions of the snacks…


Raspberry Inferno Tea – The London Tea Company

I love it when SourcedBox feature teas as I love trying different infusions but it is a pain buying a whole box on a whim not knowing if you will like it! This fruit tea by The London Tea company was very strong flavoured and just what I like in a fruit tea. I am not a massive fruit tea drinker but I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys trying caffeine free alternatives. There is even a slight hint of chilli to create an exciting background note.


Lightly Salted Snapea Rice Sticks – Yushoi

I really liked these but my boyfriend said he would prefer Wotsits. I however loved them. They are basically pea flavoured rice sticks and because of the sugar snap peas, they are sweet. They are also very light and a nice savoury snack idea.


Himalayan Rose Salt Raw Chocolate Brownie – 100% Natural

This “Brownie” bar was not a brownie but it was by far one of the nicest date and nut bars I have tried. It’s fudgy texture from the coconut oil was divine and the hint of pink Himalayan salt was much appreciated. I will definitely be buying these if I spot them out and about. A nice healthy alternative to a chocolate bar!


Baobab Superfruit Drink – Chosan

This baobab drink was lovely and refreshing. I imagine I would love this more in the summer splashed over a glass of ice. I love the sherbet taste that baobab gives and it is such a great sweetener for you. It is rich in vitamin C which means great skin and extra support for the immune system.


African Mango Promix – Wyldsson

Seed mixes can be a little hit and miss for me as they are tricky to eat out and about. However, I loved this one at home enjoyed with a cup of tea. Half of the packet was plenty for me to enjoy and I loved grazing over the different assortment. I loved the addition of mango and pumpkin seeds. I had it as a post gym snack and the protein in the nuts and seeds was great for this purpose.


Almond & Coconut Bar – Loveraw

Although advertised as an almond and coconut bar, what I really loved about this bar was the addition of figs into the mix. This guilt free snack is full of great ingredients including no additives or refined sugar. I really loved this refreshing but filling bar.


Cranberry Kiss Chocolate – Conscious Chocolate

I love raw chocolate bars as they taste so earthy and rich. This cranberry bar was delicious and I expected it to be as those flavours work so well together. The texture was melt in the mouth soft. I think in the summer this would need to be kept in the fridge as it melted in my fingers. So fudgy and delicious.


Raspberry And Beetroot Truffles – Functional Food Company

I wanted to like these “truffles” as they have so many healthy benefits. The chia seeds help reduce cholesterol and plaque build-up, and the beetroot supports a healthy heart with its antioxidants. However, they tasted too “healthy” to me. The do make other flavours though so maybe they are worth a try? I also have a sweet tooth so those that prefer more savoury items might love these.


Salted Caramel Pecks – Inspiral

These are by far my favourite item of the box. They are simply coconut chips, coconut sugar, vanilla powder and sea salt. I don’t know how they achieved such a beautiful flavour but I really loved these. They are dangerously addictive!


Zesty Orange Date Hearts – Beloved

I love having a date with a cup of tea instead of a biscuit so these date hearts really intrigued me. They are basically moulded dates with orange flavouring. These zingy bites are so yummy and worth a try if you can get hold of them!


Overall, the February SourcedBox was yet again a great one. There were a couple average items in there but most of the products were exciting and innovative. I’m so excited for the March box now.


Have you ever tried SourcedBox? Do you try to shop for or make healthy snacks? Do you have any recommendations of healthy snacks to share?

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