A Spring Clean Wardrobe


Sorting out that cluttered clothing can be a daunting task but I finally got around to looking through my clothes and giving my wardrobe a tidy. If you are anything like me, you will have a lot of clothes! I don’t know what’s wrong with me… I just seen to accumulate them. I haven’t actually bought many clothes in the last year but when something fits and there is nothing wrong with it I can’t bear to part with it! There are even things that date back to my school years in my wardrobe…. which was quite some time ago now! However, I thought enough is enough, let’s sort this out…


Tackle It In Steps…

If you were watching my Instagram stories you would have seen a sneak preview of what I had to deal with. You might have also laughed at my boyfriend’s sad little space for his clothes. Hopefully by organising my things, this can give him a little room back! The first thing I did was tackle section by section. I just can’t take mess and for me emptying my entire wardrobe onto my bed seemed daunting. Taking a little out at a time helped me not get overwhelmed and made me start organising things back into their rightful sections. I put things in themes like skirts, summer tops, smart tops, fancy dresses, daytime dresses, dressing gowns (yes, I have a dressing gown section) …. etc. This really helps me find what I need for an outfit. What can I say, I love organising.

I decided to think logically about it and made a pile of clothes that I have been hanging onto but have faded in colour and worn. That was the easy bit. I did keep a couple things that have niggly things wrong with them though, for the sake of them fitting nicely and not having an alternative yet. One of those things was a black skirt which fits really well but has worn in colour. I may be tempted to dye it! Another item was a pair of jeggings which are a bit past it but again I really love the fit! If anyone can recommend a jeggings alternative to buy let me know!

I also made a pile of unsure items to ask my boyfriend about later. I find that more productive as he is so good at thinking practically and he just helps me make a quick decision. On my own I am useless and just procrastinate about why that piece of clothing deserves to stay! We found that practically everything in that pile went on the pile to go!



After organising my clothes into sections I used double coat hanging hooks to save extra space. I totally recommend these if you are tight on space! They are a life saver! Also, velvet coat hangers are so slim and fit neatly in a wardrobe. I also love it when things match! I similarly folded up my shelved clothes into sections and dedicated a whole shelf to jumpers! Things had got a bit out of control and muddled up so organising things was so satisfying.


What did I learn?

I learnt that it is not good to hang onto things that you have little niggles about. It is equally important to not take your things for granted. I discovered loads clothes I had forgotten about and learnt that I really have a thing for summer clothes…. even though it is only warm for a few months during the year! I felt happy after having a little declutter and organising my belongings made my head feel more organised, if that doesn’t sound weird! I recommend a declutter for a little distraction away from stress and anxiety too. It really works for me! I am keen to tackle the next part of my declutter mission when I get another block of time to do so.


Do you love a declutter?


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