April 2017 Favourites

It’s that time of the month where I get so excited to share with you what I’ve been loving and discovering. This month I have found some great beauty and food items and can’t wait to tell you about them! Here they are…



Cashew Drink | Rude Health

I love trying different non-dairy milks and this cashew nut drink is so delicious. It’s more creamy than almond milk and it goes really well with my Homemade Granola. It also has no added sugar which is always a good thing!


Pure Organic Wildflower Set Honey | Littleover Apiary

I originally bought this honey for my boyfriend…. But he let me share it – nice boyfriend! This is by far the BEST honey I have ever tasted. Either I have not tasted enough honey in my lifetime or this is purely delicious. I think the latter! It is rich and so you don’t need too much of it. Delicious on toast! It was also very useful when I had a sore throat with some hot lemon water!


Organic Blissed Chocada Truffles | Raw Health

You may recognise these from my Healthy Food Haul. I discovered these date and cacao bites recently and they are so yummy. They are like little chocolates and they are healthy! My new evening treat!


Shopping Healthy Food | As Nature Intended

I love going to new shops and recently I discovered this healthy food store called As Nature Intended. There are not many of them in London but you should check them out. They have such a good range of items in there ranging from healthy snacks to fresh fruit and vegetables. I did a Healthy Food Haul from there recently and found some fabulous items!



Clothes Washing Netted Bags | Amazon

This may seem a random one but clothes bags are such a washing hack for me! I have peace of mind that my tights won’t get stuck amongst my other clothes and it takes so much less time to hang the clothes out to dry. I can’t recommend them more.



Coconut Oil Body Lotion | Palmer’s

I recently tried using this coconut body lotion as a more natural alternative without nasty parabens and other unnecessary ingredients. Not only does it smell incredible but it moisturises my body a treat. Such a lovely product!


Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Concealer | Boots

I’ve used this for a while now but I wanted to share it with you because I strongly believe this helps clear up any blemishes I have quicker. The concealer has Tea Tree & Witch Hazel in it which are both amazing ingredients to help fight off those pesky spots. It smells soothing and is a really good concealer. You also only need a small amount so it lasts ages.


Smouldering Plum Blusher | Clinique

I have really been enjoying wearing blusher lately. I don’t wear too much makeup when I’m working from home but felt like I was missing a bit of colour in my face. Enter Clinique Smouldering Plum. I just feel more alive when I wear blusher and this Clinique one is so soft and girly. Blusher was one of the first makeup items I started to wear and I now am reminded of how much I love wearing something rosy on my cheeks.


Roller Lash Mascara In Brown | Benefit

I started using this mascara after my Trying Out My Beauty #3 blog post. Since then it has become an absolute favourite mascara for me. The curved wand applicator makes it so easy to get that false lash effect. I also love the softer brown shade and it doesn’t smudge like my waterproof mascara does. Incredible! I have heard so many people rave about Roller Lash and now I am on the band wagon too!


What were your April Favourites? Have you tried any of these products?


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