SourcedBox Review April 2017

I always love receiving my SourcedBox delivery and the April 2017 SourcedBox did not disappoint. I love doing these monthly SourcedBox reviews, however I thought I would mix things up a little this month and change the format somewhat. I hope you like this new style. Let me know in the comments what you think and whether you prefer it or whether you want me to go back to the old format? Do you still like reading these healthy snacks posts? What would you like out of them? I’m always happy to receive ideas and this is by no means a sponsored post as I do the SourcedBox posts for fun, as I am passionate about healthy eating. So, I want you to enjoy them to! Anyway, enough ramble, let’s begin!



Cacao Energy Bar | Aduna | Yumminess in cacao, date and nut form

Ginger Teatox Raw Super Food Flapjack | Creative Nature | A zingy ginger flapjack

Banana Rolls | The Beginnings | Banana and cacao heaven

Svelte Tea With Verba Mate & Seaweed – – – Gunpowder Supreme Green Tea | We Are Tea | Supreme tea bags that are full of flavour and are a healthier coffee swap

Cacao & Date Coconut Flapjack | The Living Food Kitchen | A fulfilling and tasty energy boast without refined sugar nasties

Spiced Mango and Pineapple Energy Drink |  SunSoul | A refreshing summertime tropical beverage

Organic Coconut Milk Dark Raw Chocolate | Enjoy! Raw Chocolate | Insanely silky healthy chocolate

Garlic & Herb Flaxseed Crisps | Whitworths | Perfect to dip in hummus

Cinnamon Granola | Primal Joy | A cinnamon lover’s dream – that’s me

Fast Fruit Snack | Crushed | Seriously tasty healthy crushed fruit goodness

Strawberry & Banana Snack | Nothing But | Freeze dried fruit crisps packed with flavour



Ginger Teatox Raw Super Food Flapjack | Creative Nature

I was not expecting to love this as much as I thought I would. Ginger is really growing on me this year and I really enjoyed this flapjack bar. It features ginger, sultanas, pineapple, papaya, apricots, oats, coconut, and detoxing Yerba Mate. It is the perfect pick me up during the day with the zingy flavours. I love all the natural ingredients and the fact I won’t get that refined sugar energy slump after eating it.

Where can I get this? … Ocado, Asda, WHSmith, Sourced Market

Banana Rolls | The Beginnings

When I read that these were Banana Rolls I thought “oh, just like a fig roll then”. I did NOT expect them to be how they were. I wish I had taken a photo! But… I couldn’t wait to eat it! They were batons, similar to a drumstick shape. You can hold on to the edible handle and eat the delicious banana and cocoa snack. The taste was out of this world! Just to put it out there, these were my favourite SourcedBox snack of all time. I am gutted they don’t sell these in the UK, unless I am wrong on that? I would buy more if so.

Where can I get this? … The Beginnings

Organic Coconut Milk Dark Raw Chocolate | Enjoy! Raw Chocolate

We all know I enjoy a raw chocolate bar! This coconut milk raw chocolate treat was creamy and delicious for a healthier dessert in the evening. I would definitely recommend this to people looking to stay away from unhealthy refined sugar. The raw cacao in the bar is also SO much better for you as you get more nutrients from the unprocessed form of chocolate. AND the taste does not suffer in the slightest.

Where can I get this? … Enjoy! Raw Chocolate













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Have you tried SourcedBox? What do you think of these healthy snacks?


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