Life Update

I thought it was about time for a little Life Update as I wanted to do more of a “real” and “informal” style blog. I hope you like this blog and enjoy hearing what I have been getting up to.


Moving Home

For those that didn’t already know, I have recently moved flats to the lovely South West London. Whilst I loved central London, I was getting a bit overwhelmed and anxious by the intensity and business of the area we were in. I loved all the amenities but having everything on our doorstep meant that other people wanted to enjoy that too. It was getting a bit too much at times with the constant shouting and intimidation of people in the streets. I didn’t feel safe and at home there anymore. The constant reminder of people that were “high” in the local park (graveyard) and smelling weed regularly from nearby was not pleasant. To top that off we had a leak in the flat and the floor was coming up. We just didn’t feel happy there anymore.

Then came along South West London. We only moved the other week but we feel so much happier here. The people seem more pleasant and there are areas of green trees, happy families and a more laid back approach to life. The fact we can have a car here is such a bonus too. I’ve really enjoyed sourcing furniture for the new unfurnished flat (although it has been expensive). I can’t wait to make those final touches and make it lovely to live in. Let me know if you want any furniture insights into what we bought and interior style blogs? Is that something you would be interested in? I must say I am loving having a marble island! Having never had an island before, I am ecstatic that it is marble too! This is blogger goals surely?


Autumn and Winter Plans

Whilst I was pleased that I achieved many of my Summer Goals, I am a bit down hearted that due to being busy, I have not completed them all. The focus I really want now is to get my blog up and ready in a professional format. I started working on it and am very nearly there but life commitments have got in the way. I am starting back violin teaching soon but I am determined to get this goal achieved, even if I have to set aside time on weekends and evenings. Hopefully being at home for more weekends will help too.


Plans For The Blog

I have tried to keep a balance of lifestyle, food, fashion and beauty on my blog. Let me know if you like the formula? I would love to hear any thoughts on what your favourite blogs are and what you think I should write more or less about? To be honest I have been feeling a little deflated with blogging recently and I think it is because despite trying to grow a following, it is quite hard work sometimes. Hopefully I will get there!



Thank you as always for reading my blogs and I have lots of exciting things planned such as a possible giveaway soon!



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