September 2017 Favourites

September is the month of change for most. Autumn is upon us, the children are back to school, and the change of seasons brings different outfit pairings. I have been loving feeling cosier this month and with moving to a new home, I have been finding new routines to get used to. Here are my September Favourites….



Coconut Drink | Rude Health

I have been loving using this Coconut Drink with my granola, muesli and to make hot drinks during the cooler Autumnal weather. The taste is so yummy and being dairy free is also a bonus. It just makes my food that little bit more interesting. You need to try this with your breakfasts!



Coffee Machine | Nespresso

As a housewarming present, we received a coffee machine and I have really been loving having something a little more luxurious on treat days. I try to drink decaffeinated coffee when I can and I am planning to get some yummy decaf capsules when we run out of normal ones. I just love having a cosy hot drink during Autumn.


Energy Balls | Deliciously Ella

My new teaching timetable means that some days I can’t really eat lunch as such. So, I needed to find some healthy snacks that I could munch on in between lessons and travelling instead. These energy balls by Deliciously Ella are so great for giving me lots of energy and are easier to eat on the go as opposed to a sandwich.




Pretty Pattern Bowls | Signature Homeware Incorporated

(similar from Anthropologie)

My sister bought me some pretty patterned bowls and we have been loving using them in the new place. The kitchen layout is so much easier and that means our kitchenware is much more accessible. I just love eating out of something pretty as the food looks even tastier!




Mini Doilies | Talking Tables

Do you have a habit of glasses sticking to your coasters? Well, these mini doilies not only add a little colour to our drinks but they help soak up a little water from the condensation on the drinking glasses. They also look pretty!



Hair Elastics | H&M

I needed to pick up some more hair bands and I found these ones in H&M. They aren’t very expensive but they just feel a little less damaging on my hair. H&M often have some great value accessories in their stores.


Lint Roller | H&M

(similar from Lakeland)

I’m forever finding bits of dirt, fluff, and hairs that I have malted everywhere. These lint rollers are great if you want to clean a surface and make the place look a little bit tidier in between regular cleaning. When we didn’t have a bed, we had to put our mattress on the floor on sheets and so the sheets were hard to clean. The roller really helped with this!



What have been your favourite things during September?


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