Blogmas Festive Nail Varnishes

December is the perfect time to dig out those nail polishes and get creative with one’s appearance! Recently I have got into a bad habit of not painting my nails. I play the violin and so I have to keep my nails short and I also worry about chipping them. However, life is too short to worry about these things! With a good quality nail polish, a little patience applying it and a bit of practise, nail painting can be easy to fit into your weekend routine and make you feel more presented during the week. It is also much cheaper than paying for a manicure at a salon. I have chosen some great nail polishes here that I really love the colours and formulas of. With so many amazing nail varnishes on the market these days, there is definitely a wide variety to choose from in the shops if you can’t get hold of these particular polishes.

Leighton Deny | Butterfly Wings Nail Polish

Such a wearable pastel shade and perfect for every day. The formula is divine and the application is easy.

No 7 | Stay Perfect Nail Colour In Me Me Me

A bright and festive shade, this will put you in a good mood while typing away at that laptop! No 7 do some lovely nail polishes that last pretty well.

Barry M | In A Heart Beat Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint

Quick to dry, the application of this nail polish couldn’t be easier. I love the pastel pink colour and again it is perfect for every day wear.

OPI | Infinite Shine 2 In Staying Neutral

OPI is one of my favourite brands for nail polish as they are just great quality and they glide onto the nail well. This colour is divine and great for frosty winter mornings.

Autograph | Cranberry All In One Nail Polish

The shade and formula of this nail polish is dreamy. I got this in my M&S Beauty Advent Calendar last year and it did not disappoint. The argon oil and vitamin E in the polish also helps to keep your nails in good shape!

Nails Inc. | Gel One Coat Piccadilly Court

Another dreamy polish that screams winter. The colour is insanely perfect for the festive season and will suit any winter outfit of the day. Gel polishes are also amazing for durability.

Leighton Deny | Paparazzi Nail Polish

This bright polish is one to wear for a Christmas party or just to add a bit of colour to your appearance. Again, Leighton Deny polishes are one of my favourites for formulas and the packaging is beautiful.

Rimmel | Salon Pro By Kate Nail Polish In 114 MARS

This red polish is the ultimate Christmas shade. I also really like the application and longevity of this nail varnish.

Leighton Deny | Scream To Go Faster

Now we are getting a bit braver towards purples but this polish is so gorgeously vibrant and if you can wear a statement nail polish over Christmas, when can you?

Orly | Colour Blast Nail Polish In Violet Pastel Crème  

Moving back to pastels, this shade is one of my favourites. The formula is lovely and the ease of wear is great.

Barry M | Coconut Infusion Nail Paint In Laguna

The coconut infusion supplies a moisturising element that is much appreciated through winter. The colour of this varnish is stunning and Barry M are again a reliable brand for polishes.

Did this inspire you to dig out your nail varnish collection? Have you worn any of these polishes before? What are your favourites?


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