Blogmas Raise A Brow

Christmas is the time to dress up and go to various gatherings but what if we don’t always have time to spend hours making ourselves look the part? In the last few years I have found that treating myself to a brow tint and wax every so often has saved a lot of time in my makeup routine and makes me feel more confident.

Brow tinting is a service where the brow hairs are dyed to make the brows more prominent and fuller. You can ask to go as dark as you would like so if you prefer a more natural look then you can go a little softer in colour. Lighter hairs can be picked up more with the hint of colour. The shaping of the brows comes from the waxing treatment, although some people prefer to have their brows tweezed instead. I would highly recommend getting your brows tinted if you want a fuller look but one that looks natural. The tint lasts for about 2 weeks I find and so it is great just before Christmas when you need a bit more pizzazz to your look.

A brow tint can look very natural because you can see the individual brow hairs. It does not look too harsh like some brow products. The ultimate brow experts include Benefit I think. They have brow bars in their main stores and the experience is so professional. You just know you are in safe hands with benefit. I also recently went to Aveda and their brow service was excellent. If you know someone with great brows ask them where they go to get them done!

Not only does a brow tint add a bit more beauty to one’s appearance but it can save a lot of time getting ready over the festive season. Will you be getting your brows tinted over Christmas?


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