Blogmas Taking Time Out Over Christmas

The festive season can get so busy. There is so much to plan, presents to buy, people to see… It can barely be there one moment and gone in a flash. Christmas can sometimes get so hectic that sometimes we forget to take a moment just for ourselves. Does this sound familiar?

For me Christmas is such a lovely time of year and whilst I get excited about it, I also get slightly overwhelmed about the sheer volume of events and things to do. I need a little time to myself to reflect and regroup. It can get very tempting to just be caught up in the moment that we forget to plan an evening of absolutely nothing. Yes, that’s actually writing it in your diary and making sure you get some time especially scheduled for you!

Sometimes we think that we have to fill every second of every day up (and I am especially guilty of this). Time to do nothing is actually something we all need and it stops us from feeling exhausted. This is why I suggest we all try to get a little bit of calm over the next few weeks and plan an evening to regroup – whether that be on your own or with a few select people. Why not plan an evening of nothing? No expectations, no mega activities, just food and chilling on the sofa!

So why not go and write this in your diary now! Have you ever planned a “Free Evening”? 

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