What I Got For Christmas 2017

This year for Christmas I felt so spoilt and I wanted to share my appreciation for my lovely gifts by writing this blog. I love reading these and so I thought this would be interesting to post. I am so grateful for everything I was given and I just know I will enjoy using all of these presents. I really think presents are a bonus at Christmas and first and foremost I enjoy spending time with family. These gifts were so generous and all the thought behind them.

Marble Homeware

My sister was so kind to me this Christmas and bought me some items for the new home me and my boyfriend had recently moved to. She gave me a beautiful bedside lamp with an LED filament bulb by North Light. I found a similar one online for you. It is just stunning and I know that I will enjoy using this so much as I didn’t have a bedside light before. I am obsessed with it already. She also covered an Ikea table and beauty storage unit with marble film to elevate it and it looks amazing! She is so talented and these presents were so thoughtful and generous.

Food And Drink

We were running low on coffee capsules and stored our coffee in a plastic tub. My mum and dad gave me these Nespresso coffee capsules and coffee capsule holder (similar) and it is just perfect. I also got these cute little chocolate presents in my stocking – so adorable!


My lovely boyfriend knows I have sensitive skin and he knows I love Neal’s Yard Remedies. So, when I opened this present of Neal’s Yard Remedies Soothing Sunflower Daily Moisture  I was so happy. It is a moisturiser for the face but I think you could use it as a posh hand cream too. My hands are forever dry as I do a lot of cooking and washing up. This moisturiser contains extracts of sunflower, aloe vera and protecting alpine flower. It claims to strengthen and nourish the skin which sounds amazing. It is also geared towards sensitive skin.

Simple and Elegant Jewellery

Another gorgeous present I received this year was some Astrid and Miyu delicate tuxedo circle stud earrings in rose gold and matching necklace. These were a present from my boyfriend and I just adore them so much. I really wanted some jewellery to refresh my collection and something that would go with any outfit. I also received three beautiful pieces from my parents by Philip Jones – some beautiful rose gold studs, a bracelet and chain necklace. These are equally stunning. I can’t wait to wear both sets.

Other Presents

I was so spoilt this year and some other presents I received included a cordless hoover, mindfulness book, Christmas socks, beauty bits and bobs, and NutriBullet. I feel so overwhelmed but thankful for the gifts. I never expect to receive lots but all I can say is thank you to my family.


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