What I Eat In A Day 4

It feels like ages since I wrote a What I Eat In A Day blog post and I really enjoy doing them so I thought I would post one now! I love seeing what people eat in a day to get inspiration and ideas for my own meals. I am not vegetarian or vegan but I do prefer plant based meals so a lot of my food reflects this. I hope you enjoy finding out what I eat!


I tend to have a range of different things for breakfast but it was very cold and so we had porridge topped with raspberries. I used to have maple syrup on top but I actually prefer it without now… plus it is better for my teeth. At the moment, I am taking a multivitamin a day to try and boost my immune system and I have been enjoying the Well Woman ones as they contain a balance of vitamins suited to females. I also have a large glass of water with breakfast. In fact, just assume I will always have water with every meal as I drink so much water throughout the day!

Tea Break

I usually enjoy a cup of tea in the mornings to perk myself up a little. I tend to go for Asam brew as it is stronger, and I like strong flavoured teas.


I have been enjoying soup lately and so that is what I had for lunch. I also ate a buttered wholemeal roll with it. The soup I had was the Yorkshire Provender Cauliflower Cheese Soup with Kale & Cheddar. It is so yummy and I think this is my favourite soup to buy. You have to try this! Yorkshire Provender is one of my favourite brands of soup.

Afternoon Snack

In the afternoon I fancied a decaffeinated coffee (made from our coffee machine) and I had some roasted chickpeas that I had made the other day. I had coated them in paprika, salt and pepper. This is a new favourite snack for me and is so great because it contains less sugar. I am trying to limit my sugar intake as much as possible without begrudging myself some treats of course! It’s all about the balance.


Dinner was quite easy as I had made a batch of quinoa and bean chilli, so it was literally a ready meal heated up but homemade vibes – the best kind of meals! I had some avocado and natural Greek yogurt with it and it was so yummy. I base my Quinoa Chilli recipe around Naturally Sassy’s recipe but I have changed it up a bit so it is a bit more Sophie. Let me know if you would like me to post a recipe of it on my blog some time. It is one of my favourite meals and the quinoa and beans are packed with protein. There is also so much flavour that you really are not missing out on the absence of meat.


After going food shopping, we were quite hungry, so we treated ourselves to a little chocolate and some cheese and biscuits. I also ate a Percy Pig in the car for full disclosure! Not the healthiest end to the day but like I said it is all about the balance and we all deserve a treat.


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