February 2018 Favourites

I love talking about my favourite things throughout the month and so I can’t wait to get started for February’s. I can’t believe we are already ploughing through 2018 but it feels like there is a lot more to come yet! February was all about home comforts, wrapping up warm and looking after the skin. I always love being inside with a cosy throw wrapped around me during winter and although I’m looking forward to Spring, I’m not ready to put away the home comforts yet!


Dove Moisturising Shower Gel

When it comes to shower gel, I always go for something moisturising and calming on my skin. I have sensitive skin and so it genuinely prefers shower creams like this Dove one. I tend to find Dove and Nivea do the best shower gels for me and they are always on offer somewhere! This one I would seriously rate!

Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Sun Cream

It is so important to wear sun cream and even though it may be Winter I thought I would give a little shout out to this because my sensitive skin seems to absorb it nicely. Skin ageing is mainly caused by the sun and so that means wearing a UVA and UVB cream with a high star rating is what you need. A lot of beauty products claim to reduce wrinkles but often the data is only taken on a group of about 30 individuals. UVA broad spectrum is what you need with ideally a star rating of 4 or higher. This has a rating of 3 which is still pretty good. I always apply it after moisturising and before makeup application.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

For my base at the moment I have been loving this Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser in shade Porcelain. I am much preferring a lighter natural makeup look and my skin seems to prefer it!

Clinique High Impact Mascara

I often get compliments on my mascara as it makes my lashes look so thick and fluttery. Well this is the mascara that I have been wearing on a daily basis and loving the formula of. I do prefer a waterproof mascara at heart as my eyes get quite watery but this mascara just looks divine on.

Benefit Gimme Brow

For a quick out the door brow I just can’t rate the Benefit Gimme Brow higher. Sometimes I use this alone and sometimes I use it alongside a brow pencil for extra intensity. I just love how natural my brows look with this brow tint and it helps to make me feel a bit more confident, defining my face and setting my brows in place.


Lighting Candles

In the dark winter afternoons and evenings I have been loving lighting cosy candles. The scent of a good candle just adds a smile and sense of calmness into my day. It also helps motivate me while working.

Swell Bottle

I often take water out with me whether it is for teaching or travelling. I used to use a plastic bottle all the time, but I have been loving using my Swell Bottle too as the water just feels more exciting to drink. I am also not worried about spilling it everywhere as the cap on this bottle is nice and secure. This beautiful pink bottle was quite reasonably priced and can even go in the dishwasher, so it is much more hygienic!


Making My Own Homemade Snacks

I often buy snack bars to have during the week, but I have been making my own snacks and this has been so fun to do. I have made protein balls and chickpea crisps. Both are so yummy and healthy alternatives on a busy day in need of fuel.

Trying Different Recipes

I normally make a batch of granola most weeks and instead of sticking to my recipe I thought I would venture out and try some different ones. I have loved making the Cacao Granola recipe from Niomi Smart’s book Eat Smart. It is  seriously yummy and contains coconut chips, cacao powder and cacao nibs for added flavour and texture. I am going to keep making different granola recipes over the next few months too.

What have you been enjoying this month?

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