Wulf & Lamb

Just a short stroll from London’s Sloane Square lies the gorgeous restaurant Wulf & Lamb. All food is plant-based, and it is just incredible. It is possibly one of the best vegan eateries in London. I went the other day for dinner and the food had so much flavour – if people think vegan food can’t be tasty then they are so wrong! I am not a vegan, but I really enjoy plant-based food and I just love the variety and creativity you get within a meal. There are so many interesting ingredients used that taste incredible. For instance, jackfruit – it tastes like pulled pork and makes an amazing base to a pie or pulled jackfruit burger!

Wulf & Lamb is such a trendy hangout with clean lines and it also has a fantastic friendly atmosphere. It gets very busy in the evenings and weekends. Apparently on a weeknight their busiest time is from 8pm so grab an early dinner if you can to ensure a calm ambiance.

Me, my friend and my boyfriend enjoyed an early meal, and this was the best decision we made as the restaurant was so peaceful. We shared some red wine and tried their non-alcoholic Seedlip and tonic (which is basically a G&T – you really wouldn’t know the difference). I have since bought Seedlip and love it in the evening as a lighter beverage to alcohol. It’s great for the drivers too as they can join in with a fierce mocktail!

For food, I chose the Open Burrito which contained sautéed ackee which tastes a bit like the most amazing scrambled egg. My friend had a seitan burger. Seiten is a wheat protein which contains strands similar to meat, so it makes for an amazing burger! My boyfriend had a jackfruit pie with the most incredible mash on top. The whole meal left us drooling. We all shared a mango and passionfruit cheesecake which literally made our day with its yummy nutty creaminess and fruity zing.

I really want to go to Wulf & Lamb again and can’t recommend it enough. I’ve heard breakfast is meant to be mouth-watering, but I also want to try the Creamy Linguine for dinner!


Have you been to Wulf & Lamb?


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