Farm Girl Chelsea

Farm Girl Café has got to be one of the most Instagrammable healthy foodie cafés in London. Their Notting Hill branch gets so busy and so I was so excited to hear when they launched their Chelsea café too. I went there the other week and I actually prefer it to the original Notting Hill one. It seems more modern and trendy and the food is just as good!

The décor is very chic but colourful. I adore the bright but clean furnishings. The fact that they have lots of bench type seating is great for putting your bag on and not worrying about your chair being knocked at busy times. In my opinion all restaurants should have benches and booths for seating haha! I’d be intrigued to know where you put your handbag when at a restaurant?

Moving onto the important bit…the food! The great thing about Farm Girl is the fact that you can access such inspiring food like acai bowls and plant-based drinks. The matcha lattes are incredible there. I had the butterfly one with hazelnut milk (recommended by the helpful staff) and this was a complete game changer. Normally I’ll have coconut or almond milk with my matcha but hazelnut balances the drink out so well. You have to try it!

Their vegan pancakes are also incredible – so fluffy and delicious. We kind of shared an acai bowl and the pancakes as we were in a sweet mood for our brunch. These were perfect decisions and sometimes you just have to listen to what you are craving. On the way out, we sneakily bought a plant-based doughnut to have later and it was melt in the mouth – a must try with your coffee if you are in the area!

Have you been to Farm Girl?


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