October 2018 Favourites

October has whizzed past. I’m actually excited for November and December though! I’ve got Blogmas to look forward to writing which will include lots of Christmas and winter themed posts! Let me know if there is something specific you would like me to talk about as I’ll be posting every day in December until Christmas Day! Anyway, back to October. This time of year has been transitional in terms of food, lifestyle and beauty. I’ve been changing up my routine quite a bit so it’s exciting to share what I’ve been loving lately.

Rude Health Sprouted Porridge Oats

I go to the Rude Health café quite a lot and I normally opt for their Blueberry Porridge bowl when there. They use sprouted oats which have more texture to them as they are just rolled instead of steamed like normal oats. They are also apparently easier to digest. I have been loving porridge oats lately and particularly these ones! They make such a creamy and nutty tasting bowl of yummy breakfast!

Bird & Blend Matcha Tea

I mentioned in my recent post on 10 Immune Boosting Foods that matcha powder is great for keeping us healthy during winter. Until recently I always made a matcha latte, but I have been opting for just a matcha tea. I make it with luke warm water (the trick to the best matcha tea because hot water makes the drink go bitter). Bird & Blend is my favourite place to buy matcha powder. They have all sorts of flavours too which I would love to try!

Natoora Unsulphured Dried Apricots

Dried apricots with almonds is becoming a lovely snack for me. I try not to have too many apricots because it is still high in sugar but these unsulphured dried ones from Natoora are amazingly tasty! The fact they are unsulphured means that they contain no sulphur dioxide (the thing that preserves them and keeps them orange). Not only are they better for you with the absence of chemicals but they actually taste far juicier and yummier in my opinion. They look like an ugly duckling, but they are so good!

L’Occitane Verbena Candle

It’s definitely candle weather at the moment and I can always rely on L’Occitane candles to produce a divine scent. The pots are also gorgeous and can be reused to store things in when finished with. I love the verbena scent as it is just so fresh from the citrus notes. If you love zesty and bright scents, you will love this candle. I also love the diffuser in the same scent.

Palmer’s Intensive Relief Hand Cream

Palmer’s are a great brand and this hand cream contains no parabens which is great! I’m finding the weather changes making my hands so dry at the moment and this affordable hand cream really passes the test. It doesn’t take ages to sink in and it really does soothe my hands from the cold.

Pierre’s Apothecary Intense Hydrating Hair Conditioning Mask

My sister bought this for me a while ago and I have been really enjoying it since. Before I wash my hair, I put in this mask for about 10 minutes and it just really helps with the super drying water here in London. I also have dry hair and so I need to add extra hydration to my locks. This one is lovely, and it is made from natural ingredients including coconut oil, jojoba oil and argan oil.

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Eye Cream

I thought I would try a new eye cream that is made using more natural ingredients. An eye cream is an area of my skincare routine which I would prefer to invest in the most (I’m not getting any younger haha). I’m really impressed with this one. I wish it was in glass packaging instead of plastic, but it is amazing nonetheless. If you have dry / sensitive skin like me then this one is for you.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder Foundation

I’ve been really enjoying using a powder foundation lately. I’m trying to use up older foundations before purchasing some new ones. Using a powder foundation is so much more controllable in terms of building up the coverage yourself. It also doesn’t break you out as it doesn’t block your pores like a liquid foundation does. I love the natural effect it gives. I think MAC have discontinued my shade in this particular foundation, but their other powders are meant to be amazing too so if you are ever nearby a MAC store then I recommend getting colour matched and trialling out a powder foundation there.


Too Faced White Chocolate Chip Eye Palette

I purchased this eye palette last year and it is really one of my favourite palettes! Firstly, the smell is incredible – it literally smells of chocolate. Secondly, the colours are soft and natural and MY sort of shades that I will wear time and time again. Thirdly, the colour payoff is beautiful. With a good eye shadow primer underneath, your eyes will look stunning with this on. I just love this palette and couldn’t recommend it more.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my favourites! I feel like this month has been a really great one for discovering old favourites and new things too. Which products did you like best? Have you got any favourites to recommend this month?


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