Blogmas Day 13… Mental Health At Christmas

Christmas is such an amazing time of year, however it’s so important to not neglect our mental health. If you are like me, you fill your December with lots of festivities and social events. It can get extremely busy also with trying to fit in present buying, festive decorating, baking, crafts and sending Christmas cards… We put our self-care on pause when this is the time, we need it the most. I hope you find some of these tips useful and the knowledge that you are not alone!

Anxiety And “Me Time”

Anxiety and depression are things quite a lot of us suffer with and I’ve been open about my struggle with mental health on here before. Some days you feel better than others but what I’ve learnt is some coping mechanisms to help. I also believe the importance of finding some “me time” however small. Anxiety can drain us mentally and often social events are unfortunately only going to make the brain more active. I absorb a LOT from any situation. For instance, when Christmas shopping, I’ll be focusing on what to buy but also the direction I’m walking in, are people going to walk into me, what is that person doing over there, what is that object in the distance, what is that noise coming from a distance…. So, my brain gets worn out. I’ve said this before, but I find groups of people hard to keep my energy levels up and I often feel shattered after dividing my attention between lots of conversations. So, I would recommend small group gatherings if you suffer from anxiety and plan gaps between social “appointments”.


Distraction is key to coping with a stressful situation. For example, you are holding a dinner party and you burn the food. Rather than getting in a panic, try to distract yourself while your fix up some other food alternative by planning what you are going to do tomorrow. Think about what you would like for breakfast, what you are going to wear… Trust me, it will help!


I’m guilty of not writing in my gratitude book lately but it is so important to write a few things each day you are grateful for. It will make you feel happy and I write in mine just before bed, so I can think of something nice before going to bed.

Treat Yourself To Some Lie Ins

Sleep is essential and unfortunately during Christmas we are often staying up later than we would normally. So, in order to catch up on the zzzzz’s why not have a few lie ins? I often feel guilty for waking up later than usual, but it is so beneficial!

Have you got any more tips for self-care this Christmas?

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