2019 Personal And Blogging Aims

I wasn’t sure whether to do a goals blog post this year for 2019. Sometimes they can seem a little too pressured to achieve everything and I didn’t want to challenge myself to things I knew weren’t going to happen. However, I really do believe in setting New Year’s Resolutions as it helps us reflect on the good and bad. It helps us conjure more motivation and it keeps us inspired upon what we would like to achieve. I really hope you enjoy this blog post. I’d also love to hear your New Year’s Resolutions in the comments below!

 Progress More With My Anxiety

2018 was a year of lots of highs and lows but mainly positive aspects. It was quite a struggle for my anxiety and those that know me will know what I mean by this. At the start of the year I found it quite difficult and whilst I’m still not there personally I have come such a way so far that I am pleased with my progress. I obviously want to continue to work on my self-care throughout 2019 but make this an even bigger priority. It stops me doing things in life and I really want to tackle this before any more life changing events.

Challenge Myself With My Violin Teaching

I want to realise that I am a good violin teacher and although I may not be a virtuoso player I am still inspiring to my pupils. I want to encourage myself to achieve more within my teaching and learn more pieces to play myself. I’d love to play in some concerts if I have the time to practice a more challenging piece well. I used to immerse myself in violin playing and when I was practising 4 hours a day I achieved so much. Obviously, there isn’t time for that any more (adult life ha-ha) but I’d love to learn something for me outside of the teaching world too.

Grow My Blog

This is obviously an ongoing one, but I’d love to grow my followers even more so that I can approach brands to work with. I’d be so happy to achieve 2K on both Twitter and Instagram as a start! I put so much work into it and I would love to accomplish more with it and make some money from it. I’d love to earn a little bit from it so I can make my friends and family proud.

Finally Learn How To Use My Camera

I really want to study how to get better photographs with my camera. Maybe I should buy a book and work through it as a little challenge? If anyone knows any great books, then please do let me know in the comments!

Be Kind To Myself

I’m always talking so negatively to myself and worrying if I have done enough in life. I constantly question if I have said the correct thing to someone and worry that I have not done enough for people. I want to actually be less hard on myself and realise how great I am doing. A negative mindset produces negativity as they say!

Spend More Time With Friends And Family

There’s quite a few things I can’t do because of my anxiety and so I would love to tackle these so that I can visit more of my friends. London can be very lonely when all your close friends are elsewhere. I’d love to see them more, even if I have to travel in a car or by train.

What are your 2019 goals?


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