November 2019 Favourites

November favourites are here! I love this time of year for feeling cosy and it is a time to enjoy being inside. It is a time for films, baking, completing a puzzle and reading more. I’ve collected some of my favourites I’ve been enjoying lately, to share with you here. I love writing these posts, as it is a chance to share with you some gems that you can also enjoy. I hope you like these suggestions!




I’ve been enjoying eating more pasta and creating simple but comforting meals such as pasta bake, and many vegan dishes. It is such a quick addition to a meal and tastes so lovely. Lidl and Aldi actually do some amazing pasta at affordable prices.


Aldi Melt In The Middle Praline And Chocolate Puddings

I do love a chocolate fondant, and these are just so yummy with the praline flavour. A little treat but so amazing! Aldi is also really affordable, so this definitely doesn’t bump up the food shop too much!



Neal’s Yard Beauty Balm

I’ve been using this to remove my make up recently and it is heavenly. I rub this in to draw off any makeup and then rinse my face with warm water and a face cloth. Not only does it smell incredible, but it also makes my skin feel divine. It is also great at removing eye makeup effectively. Being a multi-use product, this can also be used to tame the eyebrows or even as a night-time mask for your face.

Clinique Moisture Surge Serum

This serum is just so lovely! It makes my skin feel all plump and nourished. I just love it and it also looks stunning!

Elizabeth Arden Lipstick

I love the Elizabeth Arden lipsticks as they are so moisturising. I always whip out this as it is my favourite. It just looks so rosy in colour and the pigmentation is great. I have the shade Blush Glow, but I think this is discontinued now so the one I found online that looked exactly the same is called Rosy Shimmer.

London Grace At Home Gel Removal Kit

I recently had to remove my gel nail polish that I got done for my sister’s wedding and I used this removal kit from London Grace to do so. It comes with the polish remover, a buffer brush, a stick and nail wraps. It was really great and easier to do at home instead of going into the salon again.

Travel Size Pot

For travelling, sometimes I find it easier to put in a little bit of a beauty product into a neat reusable travel pot. This is less wasteful and easier to transport.

Pixi Rose Tonic

I had stopped using this, but I have added this back into my night-time skincare routine. I basically use it before my serum and moisturiser. It gives my skin a little bit more life, at this dull skincare time of year. I also love the soothing rose in the formula.


Earplanes Earplugs

I recently went on a flight and I forgot to mention these afterwards. They are basically earplugs designed for people who suffer from head pain whilst on a plane. These were a lifesaver for me! Definitely recommend!

What do are your November Favourites?


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