Blogmas 9… No Stuff Gift Ideas

I thought it would be an interesting idea to cover all the festive gift ideas that do not involve actual “stuff”. So many of us are becoming more sustainable and with that causes reflection on not overbuying physical items. So many people end up with things they don’t even need at Christmas, with no space to store them either. Being a little more sustainable and focusing on things that are intangible could be a great gift idea this Christmas. I have detailed out some of my ideas below. Feel free to add any extra suggestions in the comments below this blog post too! I hope you like these ideas!



Tickets to an event is a great way to give someone a present, but without buying lots of items. It is such a fun thing to do together and quality time really is the best. It also allows the escape of the mind and supports the arts. From theatre performances to cinema outings, to concerts… the list is endless.


A Course

Is there something someone has always wanted to learn, either as a hobby or to increase their skills? There are so many courses out there you could look into such as sewing, language, or camera courses.


Afternoon Tea Or Dinner Voucher

Afternoon tea or dinner out can be expensive, but if someone is treated to it, they are more likely to go. Having little luxuries to look forward to is a lovely gift this Christmas.


Useful Vouchers

If in doubt, a really useful voucher like some donations towards the weekly food shop or a food voucher for COOK could be exactly what someone appreciates. Think what the person regularly buys and try to build the idea around that.



Subscriptions to beauty boxes like Birchbox, food boxes like Hello Fresh, or flower subscriptions by Bloom & Wild would be a thoughtful present. Not only are you spreading out the joy, you are giving the recipient months of happiness.


Can you think of any more ideas for “no stuff” gifts?

A Note from me…


This year for Blogmas, my motivation is to raise awareness of the incredible charity MIND.


This incredible charity does so much to support people suffering from mental health. With ongoing pressures from social media and a million other stresses these days, it is more important than ever to look after our health. As an anxiety sufferer myself, charities like these make such a difference to supporting people that need a voice to listen to and supply tools to help them through difficult circumstances. You can take a look at their website to see the amazing things they do and to take a look at the resources available online to help those needing extra help this Christmas. The winter season can be very difficult with people suffering from anxiety and depression. I would absolutely love it if you could donate something (however small) to this charity as a thank you to me for posting Christmas blogs this Blogmas. I really hope we can raise money and awareness for this stunning cause.

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