My 2020 Goals

2020 is here! I can’t believe we are into the 20’s of 2000. I remember when it was the year 2000 and that only seems the other day! I feel like 2019 was an eventful year for me and I’m ready for embracing what is to come in 2020. I’ve learnt that you can’t plan much in life and so this year I want to try and focus on “less is more” better. Sustainability is on my mind, as well as tackling my anxiety further. Although I talk about my anxiety on here, I never like to say too much. I guess I like to keep some things private, but I am still battling with anxiety and I don’t want it to control me. I have accepted that anxiety is not something I can just get rid of completely, but I want to be at a stage where every day activities aren’t as ruled by it. There are also ambitions I have for my blog, as well as making time for more self-care. I hope you enjoy this somewhat rambly start to 2020. I always love writing more personal blogs and I think you all enjoy reading them more too!


2019 Reflections

During 2019 I achieved a lot of things. I took on more violin teaching work, I continued blogging twice a week and I even achieved some great goals with my anxiety. One goal was getting on a plane. This was amazing as I needed to fly to Santorini for my sister’s wedding and I hadn’t been on a plane for 7 years! I also finally got onto the property ladder. That was so unexpected as the landlord we were renting off wanted to sell. We thought we couldn’t afford it, but all miracles happened, and our offer got accepted! I look back on 2019 with so much happiness and gratitude. Of course, there have been plenty of bad moments too, but I always like to focus on the good things on this online space. So, I am happy with 2019.

2020 Goals


Be Kinder To Myself

Going into 2020 I want to start the year being kinder to myself. I spent a LOT of time writing blogs for Blogmas during December 2019. So, I want to take a step back in January and if I only manage to post a blog once a week for a bit, then I am going to let myself. Time off is essential for wellbeing and I need to make sure I start 2020 off right.

Focus More On My Anxiety

A lot of you know that as a wellness blogger, much of my focus is towards anxiety. A few years ago, my anxiety got so bad that I couldn’t leave the house without falling apart. I’ve achieved so much since then and to think little tasks that I couldn’t do then, I can now do easily. I have somewhat hit a “stumbling block” with my recovery and so I really want to tackle this with exposure therapy even more. Who knows, maybe some other methods would help too. I don’t want to go into married or family life with my anxiety still quite bad.

Still Blog

I love my blog and although some days I feel so disheartened by the outreach of my blog, I am still appreciative of the loyal audience I have so far built up. I still believe in my blog and I feel recently I have found my focus of wellness even more. I want to spend more time on social media platforms connecting with others and if that means writing less blogs to get my name out there, I need to do that.

Make More Time For My Violin

Lately, with my increased teaching workload, I have found it hard to play violin myself. I used to practise almost every day and now it is hard to fit even a little practice in. The violin is such a beautiful instrument and I want to enjoy playing myself, as well as teaching how to play.

Improve On My Sustainability

I want to try and focus more on sustainability this year. Food shopping is a big area for me to tackle as a lot of supermarket food is covered in plastic. Excitingly, a new zero waste store has opened up near me! I want to perhaps build in little routines of buying package free items there, and also shopping in my local fruit and vegetable shop more. I am eager to try renting clothes for special occasions and also shopping in vintage clothes shops. I’m excited to see what more changes I can make in 2020.


What are your goals for 2020?


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