Relaxing Lockdown Activates

Stress during lockdown is pretty normal. I am sure many of you have had up and down days. When I am feeling like I am not in the right headspace, I look for things to cheer me up. These types of activities can be personal to your preference and the point is to find something that makes YOU happy. Someone else’s happy might not be yours and that is OK. I thought I would list some things that make me smile and lift my sprits for inspiration below.

Reading a book

Lighting a candle

Eating some dark chocolate

Favourite TV series or cosy film


Face mask

Having a bath

Using some new skincare products


Colouring in

Writing a blog post

Playing an instrument

Listening to music

Silly dancing to music

Pilates or yoga

Going for a walk

Cooking something nice and not rushing it

Cheese and wine night

Phoning someone

Plan little “adventures” at home such as a movie night or pizza making evening

Learning something new


What are your therapeutic and relaxing activities to do?


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