My 5 Favourite Things To Feel Calm

At the moment so many of us are struggling to find moments of calm. The whole pandemic has really hit me, as I am sure many of you too. I must admit, it has become quite overwhelming at times with the uncertainty and then plans changing left right and centre. For me, anxiety is not helped by this and I feel it was time we all needed a bit of calm. It is so important to build this into your week, even when other factors are demanding on your time. For me, booking in a day off once a week is something that really helps me. I work on Saturdays so I take Monday off and that means I can book in some “me time”. If you struggle to find time to take off, try just blocking out an evening or afternoon each week just to focus on what you would like to do. For me, these are the 5 favourite things I like to do to feel calm.

Watch Some TV Or YouTube

For me a good TV programme or a YouTube video is perfect to take my mind off things going on in my brain. It also makes me feel less lonely and gives me inspiration from others. Seeing how other people live their lives is comforting and helps distract me from my worries and situation going on.

Light A Candle

I love to light a candle to create a relaxing mood. I also find lavender pillow sprays calming throughout the day, as they help the senses unwind. If I am having a stressful day, the smell of a candle in the background can really help remind me to focus on my breathing and inhale the delicious scent.

Breathing Whilst Listening To Music

Sometimes when I do breathing exercises, it helps to play some piano music in my headphones at the same time. Otherwise, I find noise cancelling headphones good for those days you just want to block everything out. Music is so underrated at calming the soul.

Playing An Instrument

Practising an instrument may be challenging at times, but it really does help me switch off and focus my brain on something else. I find I can get lost in a technical exercise or lyrical melody. I do occasionally daydream whilst playing (often actually) but it does help me to unwind and put my emotions into a practical use rather than an unhelpful method.


Pilates and yoga are so therapeutic for the mind and body. Feeling that control over the limbs helps us take away the control we don’t have in our lives. I practice Pilates only once a week but when I do, I feel more grounded and stronger. It helps me take myself away from technology and helps me recharge the mind.


What are your 5 favourite things to feel calm?


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