Tips For Anxiety

Anxiety can be stronger sometimes more than others but whatever day you are having, anxiety needs to be looked after. Especially at the moment. With everything so out of our control these days, it is no wonder we are left feeling more anxious than ever. Sometimes you have to take a step back and look after yourself and remind yourself that you have got through this before so you can get through it again.

Time For Self-Care

If I don’t get quiet time to myself, my anxiety is a lot worse. Try to take yourself away from everything and do something that you like to do. I love to watch a cosy programme or YouTube video with my headphones in to feel extra absorbed in whatever I am doing. There can be so many sounds and distractions that sometimes it is nice to have some calm.



I have been really enjoying doing a Headspace meditation every evening. It is an app that focuses on breathing and calming exercises. It is so useful at gaining some perspective and calm.


Eat Nourishing Food

When my plate is full of lots of fresh fruit and vegetables I feel so much better. Food can completely change your mood. Nourishing food can energise you and prepare you for challenges thrown at you in everyday life.


Say No

Sometimes not doing something that is supposedly “good for you” is the best option. For me sometimes going for a walk in London can be stressful with all the people and so whilst it is nice to get outside, a shorter walk can be nicer or just a breath of fresh air on the balcony. Sometimes a cosy day at home with a candle is just what you need. We always run at 100 miles per hour and doing less can be the answer. For days I don’t get outside I try to do a jog on the spot or a silly dance to my favourite music so that I am not a couch potato.



Sleep is vital to keeping our mental health looked after. Sometimes late-night video calls are not the best or watching TV until you are bored. It may seem fun at the time but a proper wind down and read before bed is far better for helping you sleep more successfully. Call me a granny but I love my hot cocoa and cosy evening routine.

I hope you enjoyed my tips. What tips do you have to help anxiety?


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