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Baking can sometimes be disastrous if everything does not quite go to plan. So many things can go wrong – measurements of ingredients, time in the oven, temperature to cook on, and the correct way to mix! Then the phone goes so you get interrupted at that crucial stage of checking to see if the cake is done – a few minutes between perfection and over baked! I thought I’d share my crucial tips of how I bake and what I like to do to ensure success. I hope you enjoy my tips. I’d love to hear any more suggestions of happy baking if you have any useful ones.

Measure out your ingredients ready

If you’re organised, baking is a doddle. I always like to measure out the ingredients I need in bowls or small ramekins ahead of anything else. Then you don’t end up forgetting any ingredients and running to the shops mid bake for that sugar you didn’t quite have enough of! I’d say it’s the first thing you should do. Then preheat your oven and begin baking.

Always set a timer when things are cooking

Timers are great friends! I always set one now. I didn’t used to and I could never remember when I put things in the oven. Then interruptions can cause you to forget what’s been going on. Timers act like alarm clocks and keep you in line. If you need to add an extra 5 minutes to cooking time, reset the timer. For recipes when they give two timing options always choose the lower one first. You don’t want to overcook things. My oven cooks things in no time so I know that I need to decrease the cooking time a little or lower the temperature.

Turn your phone on silent

This may be a hard one but I really do recommend this. Texts and phone calls can be really distracting. Not to mention you might get cake mix all over your phone – not a good look. Keep things simple and devote all your attention to the task at hand. Baking will not only be quicker, you will also not interrupt your flow.

Have a bowl full of washing up water ready

This may seem a simple one but I am constantly washing my hands when cooking. Having a bowl of soapy water ready ensures that you can wash your hands when need be and not get into a sticky mess. Packets and kitchen cupboards also stay tidy and clean.

Wear an apron

I constantly forget to wear an apron but it is so important if you don’t want to end up coated in your baking! I have a really pretty Cath Kidston one and love wearing it so there should really be no excuse. Your clothes will also stay nice and so you don’t need to spend extra time washing and changing into a different outfit.

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