How to get the balance

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Eating well can sometimes be a challenge. Especially when people around you are munching on unhealthy foods all the time. This post is to act as a little motivation to get you through to Christmas aftermath slog that is January. I wanted to share my top tips that mean I eat healthy but also have enough calories left for the occasional treat during the day. I am by no means an expert in nutrition but these things really work for me. I hope you enjoy my tips. Let me know if you have any other useful ones!

Always eat breakfast

If you skip breakfast you are more likely to crave the not so healthy snacks by the time you get to office. If you eat breakfast at work then at least plan something healthy to eat – cereal and toast are much better options to a croissant. Don’t get me wrong croissants are very tasty but maybe nicer to be enjoyed at the weekend anyway when you have more time.

Pre-pack your snacks ready to grab on the go

Things like nuts, banana, olives, carrot sticks, raw broccoli, and flapjack bites are really great foods to munch on throughout the day. Fruit and veg are low in calories and also fill you up so it stops you reaching for chocolate. I don’t know about you but if I have things in my bag ready to munch on, I am less likely to eat them also. Its sort of a physiological thing with me. If I know there is an option there, I am not tempted to go to the shops and grab those impulse buys.

Make a packed lunch

Not only is this a cheaper option but also you have more control of how many calories actually go in your food. So many meal options you can buy out are packed with unnecessary calories. You can prepare healthy things like wraps, noodle salads, and hummus with falafel. Eat high protein and low carb options that keep you fuller longer but don’t make you feel stuffed at work.

Don’t deprive yourself of anything

Often people cut out foods out of their diet. Whilst this sometimes can work in the short-term, it isn’t a long-term solution. Make a permanent change to eat treats but in smaller portions. This way you can still enjoy your favourite foods but have a bit of control at the same time. Another idea is to eat clean Monday to Friday and then have a treat at the weekend – whether it is a dessert or a takeaway. Weekends are for relaxing after all!

Cut back on the alcohol

Whilst I do enjoy the occasional tipple and a glass of red wine is a lovely end to the day, alcohol contains so many calories. Try to limit drinking to the weekend or a couple of days a week. Another idea is switching wine for slimmer drinks such as vodka and slimline tonic. Or try gin, orange and light cranberry juice.

Eat small portions

Eating smaller portions is a great way to experience a range of flavour in food without overindulging. I generally try to eat less than my boyfriend, unless I am really hungry! Generally women need fewer calories than men anyway, depending on your level of daily exercise. For example I only have one roll at lunch; he has two. For dinner I generally eat about ¾ the amount of him. Its all about the balance.

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