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I was never a big fan of tiramisu when I was little. Probably the bitter taste of the coffee and I wasn’t that keen on alcohol then. Now my tastes have changed I love it! Tiramisu means “pick me up” and that is exactly what it is; an instant caffeine, sugar, cream and alcohol fix all in one. It is also the perfect pudding to make ahead of time for those dinner parties where you don’t want to be leaving the guests to hang out in the kitchen. This dish is so quick; you really don’t need much time at all. And no one wants to wait around for dessert! I love making mini ones in ramekins instead of the giant size. Its perfect when there are just a few of you – just divide the ingredients appropriately. Another bonus is there is no oven required – so no need to preheat it!

The recipe below is the one from the BBC good food website. They call it best-ever tiramisu for a reason!


Recipe (serves about 8)

568ml double cream

250g mascarpone cheese

75ml Marsala wine

5 tbsp caster sugar

300ml coffee (2 tbsp instant coffee mixed with boiling water)

175g sponge fingers

25g dark chocolate, finely grated

2 tsp cocoa powder


One large serving dish



  • With an electric whisk, whip the cream, sugar, Marsala wine and mascarpone cheese together until fluffy and well combined.
  • Make up the coffee mix and start building a layer of coffee sponge fingers. Just dip the fingers into the coffee until they have soaked up the coffee – this only takes a few seconds. Then arrange them neatly to cover the bottom of the serving dish.
  • Next dollop a layer of cream and spread it evenly to cover the fingers. Use a spatula for this. Sprinkle a layer of cocoa powder and grated chocolate.
  • Build up the layers again – coffee sponge fingers, cream, chocolate.
  • You are all done!
  • Store in the fridge until use. You can do this the day before if you like! Just make sure the dairy ingredients will have a long enough expiry date.

Tiramisu 1

mini tiramisu

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