The ultimate banana peanut butter shake

I know it is winter and it is soooo cold at the moment but I just really love a good peanut butter and banana combo in the form of a milk shake. A lot cheaper to make at home than it is to buy one out and it’s a bit of fun to make at the weekend or as a dessert in the evening. This recipe really doesn’t require much effort or ingredients and it is so yummy. A good little energy boost I think! And its quite healthy! Honey is a great little addition and it is better than using golden syrup. I do love a bit of honey and especially on my porridge in the morning!

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Recipe (makes 1 milkshake)

1 banana

225ml milk

3 tbsp peanut butter (I love crunchy but you can use smooth if you like)

1 ½ tbsp runny honey

sprinkle of cinnamon



  • Whizz up all the ingredients except the cinnamon in a blender.
  • Serve in your favourite glass.
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon.


Little facts…

Bananas are great sources of potassium and fibre. They are also low in saturated fat!

Peanut butter is a great energy source and will keep you full for longer meaning it releases energy slowly. It contains healthy fats and lots of protein. Nuts are great for vegetarians who struggle to get protein in their diets.

Cinnamon lowers blood sugar levels and has anti-inflammatory properties.

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Enjoy! Let me know your favourite milkshakes or smoothies in the comments!

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