The chocolate tasting challenge…

This was such a fun post to do! Six friends, seven bars of chocolate. Which one do you think won the taste challenge? I tried to get a good mix of chocolates to bring along to our tasting session. Ranging from supermarket own brands like Tesco to the high end Motezumas. Let the chocolate battle commence! We each ranked the chocolates out of 10 and gave our comments. I then collated the scores and we found our (rather surprising) winner. Some ranges of marks were wider than others. I think we all have different tastes and so some chocolate was a love/hate option. Hopefully there is a good mix here to interest you.

It has definitely changed my mind about how I am going to shop chocolate now! I always buy Tesco 70% cocoa solids for cooking because I thought it was cheaper. But in actual fact I prefer the Waitrose version and it actually cost the same per 100g! So I think I’ll be buying that now! Why don’t you do a chocolate rating test with your friends? It is such a fun thing to do and interesting to find out what you like without all the fancy packaging on!

Choc board framed

Waitrose continental plain chocolate 72% cocoa solids

Waitrose continental  Waitrose plainThis chocolate costs £1.05 per 100g and had marks ranging from 5 to 8.5. Some loved it, some found it average. But in comparison to the Tesco version, it was much tastier. The chocolate is thicker than the others and it is sold in a 200g block. So, it might seem expensive on first glance but it is quite reasonable.


Lindt Excellence 70% cocoa dark chocolate



Bit like marmite this one. You either love it or not so much. Some of us found it boring and less cocoa tasting than the rest. The others preferred it. Interestingly I ranked it near the Tesco one….


Motezumas 73% cocoa very dark chocolate organic


Montezumas comments

The most expensive of the bunch! But surprisingly this was the least favourite! It just shows packaging can amplify a product. This is by no means a terrible chocolate but compared to the others, it was not as flavoursome.


Seriously rich dark chocolate from Waitrose 65% cocoa

Waitrose 65%

Waitrose 65% commentsThis was my joint favourite but the marks for everyone ranged from 6-8. Overall a pretty safe and good quality chocolate. Comparable to Green and Blacks. There are slightly less cocoa solids in this and it is one I opt for a perfect girly film and chocolate session. It is a little creamier than the others.


Green & Blacks organic dark chocolate 70% cocoa solidsG&B framed

Green and Blacks

Some people found this a bit average, some loved it. The range of marks was from 5-8. It came 5th place. Surprisingly Waitrose came out higher than this and also Divine! It beat Motezumas and Tesco though.


Divine 70% dark chocolate intensely rich

Divine shotDivine commentsAnd the winner is……..Divine! The people’s choice! I have never tried this before but it was very yummy. The scores were 5-9 with the majority based on the 8 or 9 mark. The general comments were the balance was good and although bitter it was silky and smooth. This will set you back £2.00 per 100g which is more expensive than some but cheaper than the high end Montezumas of £2.39.

Please find all the results below for your entertainment…..


This has really opened my eyes to the chocolate world! This is by no means a closed book and different people have different tastes. I think the thing to take away from this is just that there are so many chocolate choices out there and opting for the most expensive one is sometimes not always most beneficial. Try new things and find your own favourite!

I’d be interesting to hear what you think of this! Let me know if you agree to our marks! There were only six of us so results might be different on a larger scale.

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