January Favourites

It’s time for some January favourites! I feel January is a month of trying new things and fresh starts! I hope you have all had a great month. It has been a cold month and hence I have wrapped up warm with knitwear and faux fur. I have many favourites this month because I have been loving lots of things. I posted a Trying Out My Miniatures Blog post at the start of January and have found some hidden gems amongst them! I have also been enjoying skincare, food and fashion. I hope you enjoy my favourites this month!

Eat Smart – Chocolate and Banana Chia Pudding

I had some chia seeds in the cupboard and I love chocolate so I thought I would create a healthy dessert for me and my boyfriend to enjoy. It was a huge success and now we have something to munch on that is a bit healthier than our ice cream puddings! This chocolate treat is so easy and quick to make and I made it ahead of time so I just had to whip it out and do a Blue Peter “here’s what I made earlier”!

Eat Smart Review

Eat Smart has just been released and I couldn’t wait to receive it in the post! I preordered it and it was definitely as good as I thought it would be. If you haven’t heard of Eat Smart, it is written by Niomi Smart, a youtuber, blogger and plant-based eater. I love her “what I eat in a day” videos because although my diet is not plant based, it is really interesting to learn about some healthier ways of eating.